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Hitech Phonos Headphones - Black

Hitech Phonos Headphones - Black

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Product Description

With the advancement in technology over the last decades, various devices were invented to make our lives entertaining and easier. From Television to DVD player and cell phones to headphones are invented. A wired headphone is a device that is portable and supports MP3 player. Today, there is a variety of wired headphones available in the market that varies in designs, sizes and ranging from large to small earplugs. The smaller headphones are easy to carry however, the sound quality of these headphones are a bit lower than the large bass headphones. The surround sound effect from all these headphones are awesome and worth buying.

Types of Headphones:

The most popular type of headphone is ear-buds or earphones. Many manufacturers produce ear-buds. These earphones are the most used headphones because of their lower price. Moreover, they come free with a MP3 player and if not one can purchase it from anywhere. They are portable, easy to carry and can be easily kept in one's pocket. However, the sound quality is not as good as the expensive one and they lack some features compared to the large headphone.

Another type is supra-aural headphones also called earpad headphones. These headphones rest on top of the ear. With the advent of Walkman during 1980s, this type of headphones came into being. This headphone can also be portable; however, it cannot be easily carried. It is better than ear-buds because it can produce even lower frequencies better. However, they are a bit expensive than ear-buds. One of the downside of this headphone is that they let in more ambient noise than the ear-buds; this is why people tend to play music louder in it. As a result, ear damage can occur.

Lastly, the circumaural headphones are also called full size headphones. It is full in size and covers the ears completely to isolate noise from the music. The word circumaural means around the ear. Due to their large encompassing characteristics, they are used for noise cancelling. One of the main advantages of this headphone is that it provides excellent sound quality than other headphones. However, one of the drawbacks of this high-end model headphone is its price. Moreover, they are not so much portable as compared to other and they are uncomfortable to wear for an extended period and become hot after a long use.

Wireless Headphone:

In this new era of technology, a new kind of headphone came into being that is Bluetooth headphones. They usually wrap around the ear and provide comfort to the internal skin of your ear. They provide much more freedom than wired headphones and often come with expensive cell phones. However, there is not much to consider between a wired or wireless headphones as both of them provide same quality features. The only thing to consider while buying a headphone is you. It is you who will decide what you want to use and what not.

Hitech Phonos Headphones - Black:

Hitech phonos headhpones is designed for music listeners. The features of this headphone are many such as 3.5mm jack with soft padding, black in color, etc. It is a high definition stereophonic headphone, which is compatible with lots of gadgets such as MP3 players, mobile and audio & video player. With Hitech Phonos headphones, there are trendy, comfortable and lightweight ear pads that help you to listen to your favorite music for long hours without any difficulty. All of these high-end features are available in an affordable price. Moreover, it comes with a stylish packing that helps you to carry this headphone anywhere. Hitech phonos headphones come with a warranty period of 6 months.

If you are low on budget and want a high-end headphone then this headphone is the best choice for you. Both wired and wireless headphones have everything in common except one has a wire and the other not. With this headphone, you can roam around the house doing household chores and at the same time enjoying your favorite music.

Product Details
Brand Hitech
Warranty 6 Months Seller Warranty

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