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Hobbit Lord Rings Boxed Set

Hobbit Lord Rings Boxed Set

Language English
Contributor(s) J.R.R.Tolkien
Binding Hardcover
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Overview: Hobbit Lord Rings Boxed Set

This four volume, deluxe paperback boxed set contains J.R.R. Tolkien's epic masterworks THE HOBBIT and the three volumes of THE LORD OF THE RINGS (THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, THE TWO TOWERS, and THE RETURN OF THE KING) in their definitive text settings complete with maps and cover illustrations by the celebrated artist Alan Lee. In THE HOBBIT, Bilbo Baggins is whisked away from his comfortable, unambitious life in Hobbiton by the wizard Gandalf and a company of dwarves. He finds himself caught up in a plot to raid the treasure hoard of Smaug the Magnificent, a THE LORD OF THE RINGS tells of the great and dangerous quest undertaken by Frodo Baggins and the Fellowship of the Ring: Gandalf the wizard; the hobbits Merry, Pippin, and Sam; Gimli the dwarf; Legolas the elf; Boromir of Gondor; and a tall, mysterious stranger called Strider. J.R.R. Tolkien's three volume masterpiece is at once a classic myth and a modern fairy tale—a story of high and heroic adventure set in the unforgettable landscape of Middle-Earth. Editorial Reviews J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings ( The Fellowship of the Ring , The Two Towers , and The Return of the King ) -- plus the adventures of Bilbo Baggins, as told in the trilogy's classic prelude, The Hobbit -- is a genuine masterpiece. More than the most widely read and influential fantasy story of all time, it is arguably the most memorable and endearing tale ever written. Originally published in 1954, The Lord of the Rings set the framework from which all epic/quest fantasy since has built upon. Through the urgings of the enigmatic wizard Gandalf, young hobbit Frodo Baggins embarks on an urgent, incredibly treacherous journey to destroy the One Ring. This ring -- created, and then lost, by the Dark Lord, Sauron, centuries earlier -- is a weapon of evil, one that Sauron so desperately wants returned to him; with the power of the ring once again his own, the Dark Lord will unleash his wrath upon all of Middle-Earth. The only way

Features: Hobbit Lord Rings Boxed Set

  • Fiction
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date September 15, 1999
Publisher Various
Contributor(s) J.R.R.Tolkien
Binding Hardcover
ISBN 10 0618002251
ISBN 13 9780618002252
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  1.  Finest work of literature 18 February, 2014 On
    Being very unbiased to other authors , I consider J.R.R. Tolkien's storytelling to actually paint a picture in your mind.
    The books have been translated over 50 languages which itself shows the love of the book. I started reading this in 2013 and have read it 2 times since then.

    I suggest everyone to read these fantastic books. Give it time and let the mesmerizing world of one of the greatest author take over you.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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