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Home Expressions Double Bed Supersoft AC Blanket

Home Expressions Double Bed Supersoft AC Blanket

Brand Home Expressions
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Overview: Home Expressions Double Bed Supersoft AC Blanket

A perfect bedroom must have a bed with a beautiful sheet and a cozy blanket that sends off a person to a dreamland. There is a wide variety of double bed blankets that are available in the market all of them are unique and different in patterns, designs, colors, etc. Buying double bed blanket is not a tedious task if one has a taste for a particular brand. However, if you are browsing through some online shopping sites to choose the best double bed blanket no matter what the brand is, then you should remember some tips before buying.

Different Colors and Sizes:

The color of the blanket should not be too much bright or light, it must match the décor of the room. One should choose a high quality and thick material blanket that looks fabulous in color and at the same time provide comfort. However, for kid's bedroom one should not go for a light colored blanket as it stains quickly. As double bed blankets varies in sizes with the size of the mattresses. Different countries have different sizes of the mattress for instance, US, UK and Australia have the same standard double bed size mattress that is 54x75 inches however Europe is different from them 55x79 inches.


As cotton and woolen are the two most common material used in a blanket. There are other materials too from which blankets are made of such as flannel, micro fiber, silk, sateen and so on. However, material is a matter of personal taste, budget is also important while choosing a double bed blanket. One must keep in mind that higher the durability, longevity and quality of the blanket the costlier it will be to purchase.

Organic Double Bed Blankets:

As the name suggests organic blankets uses natural cotton and wool that have various health benefits. These organic blankets are made from natural organic cotton and wool manufactured from a certified organic wool or cotton free from chemical, pesticide and resin. As most organic blankets are manufactured in the USA, that meet special requirements regulated by Natural Organic Program from USDA. It is also true that the cotton that uses 25% of the world's insecticides covers 2.5% of the world's cultivation.

Organic blankets are beneficial for those who are prone to allergies or chemical sensitivities because all organic blankets are hypoallergic, chemical free, eco friendly, resin free, completely breathable and pesticide free. It has the ability to insulate and retain air without blocking the air circulation. Another benefit of using organic blanket is that it has the ability to absorb excess moisture and release them into the air. A woolen organic blanket is also able to absorb 1/3 of its own weight. Unlike synthetic blankets, wools are naturally static electricity resistant because it absorbs moisture that conducts static electricity. Wool is also naturally incombustible, it has low rate of flame spread and low heat of combustion. This means that woolen blankets provide a safe environment.

Choosing Other Natural Blankets:

As natural blankets are eco friendly, flame retardant and electricity resistant, one can always choose the best natural blanket to be safe. However, refresh or update your bedroom décor with a budget friendly and versatile double bed blanket. That has a contemporary trend to cover your existing bed with a new fashionable double bed blanket.

One can also accessorize their bed with some matching bedding coordinates to complete the look.

Home Expressions Double Bed Blanket:

Home Expressions double bed blanket is a super soft blanket made from polyester, multi colored that comes with a length and width of 90 inches. It meets all the requirements of a person who wants a stylish blanket for its bedroom. Choosing this double bed blanket with beautiful design and pattern from the house of Home Expressions is easy to wash and care. It requires normal hand wash or machine wash with mild detergent.

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Brand Home Expressions

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