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Homefab Beautiful 3 D Printed Double Bed-Sheet With 2 Pillow Covers (Code: Dreams 046)

Homefab Beautiful 3 D Printed Double Bed-Sheet With 2 Pillow Covers (Code: Dreams 046)

Brand Homefab India
Size Full
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Product Description

Being house proud is a quality that every homemaker must possess. Keeping one's house and your bedrooms looking pretty, beautiful and attractive is a means by which one shows their personalities to family members and guests who visit your house, because the décor of the home symbolizes the personalities of its inhabitants. Spreading attractive and beautiful bed covers over your bed is a necessity if you wish to brighten up the décor and look of your bedroom. Attractive and beautiful bed covers have always been very appealing to the eye as they have always formed a major attraction of a bedroom's look and decor. If you are looking for an appealing bed cover to revamp the look of your bedroom and give your self a cozy and attractive bed cover then buy the Homefab India 3D Printed Double Bed-Sheet With Pillow Covers online.

Design and Style of the Bed Cover:

This beautiful 3D bed cover is the perfect choice for all those who wish to change their bed covers often and bring a new and fresh look into their bedrooms. Bed covers have the ability to brighten up your bedroom as well as bring in a sense of joy and happiness by using bright and happy colours. Due to this, a number of people prefer to opt for bright colours for the upholstery of their rooms. This bed cover by Homefab India comes in a beautiful 3D print with large floral designs that are unique and pretty to look at. Very attractive and appealing to the eyes, the bed cover is sure to attract anyone's attention. In a combination of pink, red and lemon, the bed cover is well coordinated with flowers in three shades on a base of light grey. The bright shade with the floral designs along with the three dimensional flowers gives the bed cover a very soothing and calming effect while it also enhances the decor of your bedroom. This bed cover comes along with two pillow covers that match the bed cover as well. The bed cover is lightweight and very comfortable with a soft feel to it. Made of cotton fabric, it is perfectly cool for the warm summer months and will surely ensure you a comfortable days' rest and night's sleep. For those who wish to enhance the décor of their rooms with a beautiful bed cover then this 3D bed cover by Homefab India would be the ideal choice for them.

Maintain your Bed Cover:

Maintaining your bed cover is a must if you wish to reuse it whenever required and also help keep them looking new and lasting long. You should make sure to wash this 3D bed cover in cold water using a mild detergent and then dry in a shaded area in order to keep it away from direct sunlight, as the rays of the sun could cause its colours and 3D effect to fade and lose its luster, making the bed cover look faded and old after a point of time. This would make it lose its appealing characteristics. Thus, in order to maintain the vibrancy and beauty of the colours of this bed cover, you should make sure to never expose it directly to the sun. Do not wring the bed cover either which could lead to it going out of shape or tearing. Make sure to not use any sort of strong starch or bleaching agents as these will lead to the bed cover becoming very starchy and stiff, which in turn would make the bed feel very crisp and uncomfortable. Follow these basic maintenance tips and keep this 3D bed cover in perfect shape, condition and colour and make it last for years to come.

Key Highlights:

Brand: Homefab India

Do not expose to sun's rays

Gently hand wash bed cover with a mild detergent

Shop for this Homefab India 3D Printed Double Bed-Sheet With Pillow Covers online and enhance your bedroom's décor to a large extent.

Product Details
Brand Homefab India
Size Full

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