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Homefab New Designer Double Bed-Sheet With 2 Pillow Covers (Kitkat 012)

Homefab New Designer Double Bed-Sheet With 2 Pillow Covers (Kitkat 012)

Brand Homefab India
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Product Description

Bedroom is an important room of a house, where you spend a considerable amount of time for relaxing. Therefore, it is very important that you keep the bedroom clean, attractive and comfortable. If you are unable to keep your bedroom decked up in a proper manner then it will make you feel annoyed and disappointed. Bed sheet is the most essential part of decking up your bedroom. Therefore, it is advisable that you spend some time in choosing the right bed sheet for your home because what you choose is sure to make a different to the entire appearance of your home. You must pick a trendy bed sheet so that you feel good and relax after you return home. If you are looking for a bed sheet that is trendy and colourful, then you should try out this Homefab Multicolour Bedsheet With 2 Pillow Covers.


Good quality materials are used to design this bed sheet so that it is ideal for regular. Advanced techniques are implemented to design this bed sheet so that it long lasting. This bed sheet is very comfortable for relaxing because of its soft texture. Another interesting fact about this bed sheet is that it is hypoallergenic, so your or your family will not suffer from skin irritation from sleeping on this bed sheet the pillow cover. You can allow your little ones to sleep on this bed sheet as well.

Design & Style:

This bed sheet and the pillow covers are available in multi colour which suits all types of setting, be it a modernistic or a traditional one. The abstract design of this product is sure to add a lot to the style of your room. This Multicolour Bedsheet has an appropriate size and it is made for a double bed, so you do not have to think much about whether it will fit the bed sheet or not. The hemming is done meticulously to make it long lasting. The best thing about this bed sheet is that it comes with two pillow cover so you do not have to look for pillow covers separately. The pillow cover has appropriate size and you can be worry free about the fact that it will fit the pillows easily.


This bed sheet is specially designed for a double bed, so any family can easily opt for this double bed sheet for their bedroom. Now, you cannot sleep over a mattress as it will make you feel uneasy. And the mattress might have food spillage and stain or it might have been torn because of one or other reasons. Therefore, using this bed sheet you can cover the poor condition of your mattress that might spoil the elegant appearance of your home. Similarly, the pillows might also have stain or stitches that can be concealed with the help of these covers. Added to these, these beautiful bed sheet and the covers are sure to develop good impression upon the guests.

This bed sheet with pillow covers finds their extensive purpose at home, flat and apartment. It can be an excellent choice for a hotel or PGs. It can be an excellent gift to a mother or a sister-in-law on special events like anniversary. It can be an ideal wedding gift to anyone.

So, you want to maintain the trendy and cool appearance of your bedroom then you buy Homefab Multicolour Bedsheet online. Shopping online means you do not have to go out of your house to make the purchase rather you can sit at home and do the shopping in a single click.


The bed sheet and the pillow cover are very easy and convenient to maintain. You can hand wash them at home with a mild detergent or you can machine wash it. You should not dry it in the direct sunlight because the colour might fade. In case of food or liquid spillage, you should use a sponge or damp cotton cloth and soapy water for cleaning purpose. If there is oil spill then you should use baking soda for cleaning purpose.

Key Highlights:

Made of durable materials

Features soft texture

Abstract design

Comes in multi colour

Stylish in appearance

Ensures comfort

Product Details
Brand Homefab India

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