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Homefab India's Everyday 4 Double Bed-Sheets With 8 Pillow Covers (Combo112)

Homefab India's Everyday 4 Double Bed-Sheets With 8 Pillow Covers (Combo112)

Brand Homefab India
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Product Description

Soft, pretty and vibrant! Now you can add a large and much needed dose of colour to your bedroom with this colourful Homefab India Everyday-use Sheets (4-set combo) set.

Discover a whole other world of elegant design and comfort with this must-have, premium quality bed linen for your home. This set contains 4 double bed spreads and 8 matching pillow covers. Made from poly cotton, they are light weight, easily washable and hypoallergic. Each printed sheet is 90 inches long and 88 inches wide, to easily cover the whole width of your bed comfortably. The pillow cases are 26 inches long and 17 inches wide, each. Every article in the set has a thread count of 144 TC and a GSM of 100, which makes them quite soft to the touch.

These multicoloured bed sheets and pillow covers can be kept in tip-top condition with minimal care. They are washing machine friendly, and can handle both a normal and heavy cycle with a good quality detergent, and dried on a line, preferably not in direct sunlight to preserve the print and colours. Alternatively, they can also be laundered. Ideally, they should be washed with water whose temperature is a moderate 30 degrees Celsius.

About the Brand

Homefab India offers its customers a wonderful and exciting range of linens and home furnishing products such as single bed spreads with matching pillow cases, double bed spreads with pillow covers to match, curtains, blankets, curtains, rugs and carpets. All in rich and vibrant colours, both solid and patterned, which are guaranteed to brighten up and enhance the look of even the dullest and most boring room, and make not just a style statement but also the mood of the room. The designs are both traditional and contemporary, and offer high quality and high durability. They complement your rooms and your décor perfectly, and instantly making them brighter and more cheerful. It is therefore no wonder that Homefab India's linens and home furnishing products are preferred by millions of interior decorators and home makers around the country who are searching for products that add style and as well as last long.

This particular brand for years and years has been known to provide the consumers with some of the most top notch products for home and personal use. When one sheds light on home appliances or home decor products or kitchenware or personal care items, only the best will do!

Such products may even be deemed as family products. This product can also be used as a present on festive occasions or house warming parties. You can never go wrong with it!

To get this unbeatable combination deal - which is Homefab India Everyday-use Sheets (4-set combo), go to and place your order now. After all, there is no such thing as too many sheets, is there? brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

Product Details
Brand Homefab India

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