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Homemate Juicer Mixer Grinder White

Homemate Juicer Mixer Grinder White

Brand Homemate
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Overview: Homemate Juicer Mixer Grinder White

The importance of a juicer, mixer, grinder in our lives is unparalleled. It will help to make fresh fruit juice and also help make pastes and shakes that are otherwise not possible. The Homemate Juicer Mixer Grinder is a similar electronic device and it will surely help you to in your cooking and also will let you enjoy fresh fruit juice all the time. This particular mixer grinder has a white finish and thus it looks good as well. The covers of the containers are black with colourful rims and will perfectly complement your modular kitchen. The main unit that contains the motor has a classy finish and it has a compact size as well. The juicer, mixer grinder does not take up much space and will easily fit anywhere in your kitchen. All you need to do is place it near a power outlet and you will have a companion that will provide you with cool milkshakes during summer and fresh fruit juice all year round. The stainless steel blades of the mixer grinder are durable and will not lose their sharpness. The maintenance is easy and hassle free and thus the Homemate mixer grinder will serve you for if you are looking for a new mixer, juicer, grinder, then you must shop for the Homemate Juicer Mixer Grinder online today and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Product Features

The classy white mixer juicer serves a wide range of purposes. It will let you grind spices for your daily cooking. So you will no longer have to buy powdered spices for your special dishes. This grinder will powder all the solid spices that you need and in minutes you will have the spices that you want. The mixer contains 7 containers. Each of these containers have blades of different sizes. Thus you will have to make sure that you are using the right container to grind or mix your spices. The containers with the flatter blades are idea for grinding tough food items and solid spices. The mixer will let you mix all the spices together and with this mixer in your kitchen you will no longer have to mix your spices manually. The jars are all dishwasher safe and thus cleaning is no headache at all. The major advantage of the mixer grinder set from Homemate is that all the blades have a rubber gasket at their base. This gasket ensures air tight connection when it is in use. The main unit contains the motor. The motor is a strong one and will last long despite regular use. For the motor to function normally, it is advisable that you do not switch the mixer grinder on without properly attaching the jars. This way the blade, the gasket and also the motor will be negatively affected.

For health conscious people and diabetics, this mixer grinder is just the thing. This mixer grinder will let you enjoy fresh fruit juice without having to buy the tetra pack ones. If you work out regularly, your body will need a lot of vitamins to sustain. These vitamins are readily available in veggies and fruits. With the Homemate Juicer Mixer Grinder you will be able to enjoy delicious and healthy vegetable and fruit juice and stay healthy. If you want to make carrot juice, this mixer grinder is just the thing for you.  As the icing on the cake, the mixer grinder from Homemate will also consume less power and thus will also help you to save on your electricity bill. So what are you waiting for? Buy Homemate mixer grinder online now.

Key Highlights

Number of containers

Stainless steel blades

Dishwasher safe

Rubber gasket attached to blades

Classy white finish

Compact size

Strong motor

Product Details
Brand Homemate

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