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Hopping Ball Jumping for kids play games Sit N Bounce Hop & Skip Toys Gift Play
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Hopping Ball Jumping for kids play games Sit N Bounce Hop & Skip Toys Gift Play

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Product Description

This rubber hopping ball is a popular children's toy in the UK, known as the Space Hopper, or Hippity Hop in the US. The ball is fashioned in the UK style with two handles atop a large rubber ball.

Product Description

The hopping ball is a fun toy that works on the propulsion of the elasticity of the ball to move. Rather like the gait of a kangaroo, the child sits on the ball using the handles and leaning against the ball to move forward. The ball has a durable vinyl construction which can be washed and folded, making it easily portable. It has easy grip handles, so you can let your children use the toy without any worry of losing balance.

Directions For Use

The ball is for children between the ages of 5 to 8. The child can sit on the rubber ball, holding onto the handles and bouncing the ball until it moves forward. The toy is merely a fun instrument to keep children occupied.

Product Features

The ball is 60 cm in deflated form, and grows bigger on inflation.

The handles are 12 cm each and have a good grip.

It can be washed and folded.

The toy has a durable vinyl construction.

It is a fun toy for kids between 5 to 8 years.

Product Features

  • 17" diameter
  • Exercise for kids
  • made of durable vinyal
  • Endless fun for kids to decide who can stay on longer
  • All made from high quality, brightly coloured BPA free plastic
Product Details
Manufacturer Others
Brand Generic

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