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Horizon Krishna Ghee Pot - 2,Medium

Horizon Krishna Ghee Pot - 2,Medium

Brand Horizon
Model Number 1526
Size 2, Medium
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Overview: Horizon Krishna Ghee Pot - 2,Medium

Indian cuisine is multi faceted. Indian food represents the varied sense of diversity that is inherent to this land. Indian cuisine is a mix of long complicated cooking procedures and a few quick fixes. But out of the many Indian curries, rice dishes, breads and desserts that are famous all over the world, the underrated champion of Indian cuisine is condiments and snacks. No matter what you say it cannot be debated that the stellar component of Indian cooking recognizable globally in a jiffy is clarified butter or Ghee. Traditionally, ghee is prepared by slow heating of butter over a long period of time. Storage of ghee is important. Since it is a diary product, a proper storage container is vital. Also, according to popular belief, ghee is paralleled to nectar gifted to the mortals by God, so it is popularly believed that the container containing ghee has to be kept separately, away from containers containing cooked food as it is believed that any kind of contact between the containers may render the ghee impure and unfit for consumption. It is important to have a ghee pot at home to store ghee in and also at times to cook it. On the off chance that you were looking for a proper ghee pot, there is some good news. The Horizon Krishna Ghee Pot Medium is now available online! Shop online for the Horizon Krishna Ghee Pot Medium online today.

Product Features:

The Horizon Krishna Medium Ghee Pot is a wonder. It is designed with absolute finesse. The Horizon Krishna Ghee Pot Medium is made of premium quality stainless steel. It is provided with a lid and a spoon .The Horizon Ghee Pot is easy to use and is easily washable. It is the perfect apparatus to add to your kitchen. Order now and help yourself to delight. The Horizon Krishna Ghee Pot Medium is perfect for festivals and special occasions.

Care and Maintenance:

Whether you are a cooking fan, an expert cook or essentially cooking for your family, you know the vital importance of having a completely supplied kitchen. Not just do you require the right fixings, yet you likewise require the right utensils to take care of your day to day cooking. In any sort of essential cookery lesson, you will discover that stainless steel is your new closest companion when it comes to kitchen cookware. What you will likewise realize is that quality cooking gear does not generally take a swing at a marked down cost. Thus, it is critical to take great care of your cookware! Here are a few rudimentary tips for stainless steel care. Luckily, this is one strong material that is not very hard to watch over yet with fitting care and maintenance, you will get your money's worth!

Cleaners to keep away from:

Never utilize any rough material or cleaning item that can begin to expose what's underneath and harm the completion of your stainless steel cookware. Any smelling salts based or fade based cleaners ought to be dodged too. Rub delicately onto the surface with a non-rough wipe and the sparkle will come back to your cookware.

Clean Stubborn, Stuck-on grease without harming the Cookware

While the dishwasher spares us a lot of time concerning kitchen cleanup, numerous specialists can't concede to the impact the dishwasher has on the stainless steel complete. It appears that the 'warmed dry' method is by and large the most harming, so if stuck-on or blazed sustenance would like to give up, the dishwasher can be useful, simply recollect evacuating your stainless steel things and hand dry them. In the event that you need to clean off the stuck-on nourishment by hand, numerous specialists suggest letting sudsy water sit in the pot for 60 minutes. On the off chance that the headstrong nourishment still won't fall off then have a go at heating up the sudsy water on the stove top to release it completely.

Cleaning White Spots and Calcium Deposits:

On the off chance that you have hard water, or water that is high in calcium, you way recognize that white spots can show up on your cookware. These are not difficult to clean, basically hand wash with warm water and use a delicate material to rub out the calcium store spots.

The Horizon Krishna Ghee Pot Medium is now available online. Order from home with just a mouse click and receive the Horizon Krishna Ghee Pot Medium at your doorstep, with hardly any effort. Buy the Horizon Krishna Ghee Pot Medium online. Buy online. Order now! Hurry!

Features: Horizon Krishna Ghee Pot - 2,Medium

  • Material : Stainless steel
  • Quantity : 1 pc
  • Disclaimer : Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings
  • Capacity / Size: 2,Medium
Product Details
Brand Horizon
Model Number 1526
Colour Name Na
Size 2, Medium

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