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Horlicks - Junior Nutrlents For Weight Gain 500g Jar
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Horlicks - Junior Nutrlents For Weight Gain 500g Jar

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Overview: Horlicks - Junior Nutrlents For Weight Gain 500g Jar

There's no end to a mum's worries, especially when you have a growing child who also happens to be a fussy eater. No matter how varied the meals are, there's always a nagging child in every second home not wanting what's available at the table or eating half-heartedly. It's during moments like these that the mum in you wants a magic potion that will take care of your child's nourishment in one glass. The Horlicks Junior, Nutrients for Weight Gain is a jar of goodness that you'll always want at home. It's a nutritional food powder, which helps meet your child's nutritional requirements. Include it along with a balanced daily diet and you are pretty stress-free about the quality of nutrients your child will be consuming.

Good Health In A Glass

The Junior Horlicks products have been especially created at Horlicks Nutrition academy keeping in mind growing children who tend to get very fussy as a result of which, their nutritional intake often gets thrown out of balance. It is custom-made with A-Z nutrients that help in height, weight and brain development. It is easy to digest and provides iron, iodine, DHA that are essentials for an overall physical and mental development, keeping in mind World Health Organisation guidelines. The original flavour tastes great and once it grows on, there's no way you can get over it. While you can choose to mix it in hot water or warm milk, the benefits remain the same. Bring home a 500 grams jar and you have a lot of goodness in hand. Don't be surprised if you have you child come up to you and ask for a second helping as well. Log on to Junglee for some fabulous deals and get a lowdown on the nearest stores in your city where you can pick this up from. Compare products, read user reviews and specifications and take your pick.

Features: Horlicks - Junior Nutrlents For Weight Gain 500g Jar

  • 500g Jar, Stage 1, Original Flavor, with DHA, High Protein, Easy to digest
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Brand Horlicks

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