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Horlicks Proven Original Flavor Refill Pack - 500 gm
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Horlicks Proven Original Flavor Refill Pack - 500 gm

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Overview: Horlicks Proven Original Flavor Refill Pack - 500 Gm

Being fussy about food is second nature to kids and worrying about their children not getting adequate nutrition with what they are eating is so very motherly. To make the twain meet is a tough proposition, but not an impossible one, especially with Horlicks at home. Get yourself the refill packets so that you never run out of them. The original flavour of Horlicks has been quite popular over the years and there are generations who swear by it, wanting second servings after downing one glass. Add to that the essential goodness of a glass of Horlicks and that's a winning combination. Junior Horlicks has been specially created at the Horlicks Nutrition academy and customised with A-Z nutrients to enable in height, weight and brain development of growing children. A unique manufacturing process makes it an easy-to-digest drink for any age.

Good Health And Great Taste

The drink provides nutrients ranging from iron, iodine, DHA and other essential ones that take good care of the physical and mental development of a growing child. While the formative years are when they are the most active and shooting up at breakneck speed, it's vital that they get adequate nourishment to keep them active through the day. Regularly drinking a cup of Horlicks improves the 5 signs of growth. The drink has been designed as per World Health Organisation guidelines and easy to mix either in water or milk. Ideally given to kids above 5 years, see them shoot up in front of your eyes into energetic and happy children. To get one for yourself, all you need to do is log on to Junglee and avail some of their fabulous offers. You can also sift through the wide range of health supplements, read customer reviews and check on availability to make a more informed online shopping choice.

Features: Horlicks Proven Original Flavor Refill Pack - 500 Gm

  • 500g Refill Pack, Original flavor, Tasty and healthy nourishment drink
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Brand Horlicks

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