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How to Make Money Trading with Charts

How to Make Money Trading with Charts

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Vision Books
Intelligent traders are able to make money by following price charts, irrespective of whether the market is rising or falling - or simply moving sideways. So can you. This is the first comprehensive book on chart patterns and chart analysis using real-life examples from the Indian market. It explains every significant tradable pattern, buy and sell signal, and the use of important technical indicators with the help of more than 150 charts of Indian stocks. Written by the bestselling author or How to Make Money Trading Derivatives , this book shows how you can too make money by identifying the market's mood with the help of the various typical patterns that are formed on charts - and by using appropriate trading methods for each pattern. Both novices and professional traders alike will profit from this book, and the lessons it offers are equally applicable whether you trade stocks, derivatives, commodities, currencies, etc.
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