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Huawei HSPA usb Datacard 3G usb Modem Model E303U 7.2Mbps 3G Broadband Dongle

Huawei HSPA usb Datacard 3G usb Modem Model E303U 7.2Mbps 3G Broadband Dongle

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Product Description

If you are looking for seamless working through a reliable internet connection on your laptop or PC, then a wireless data card is must for you. Huawei HSPA Datacard is an ideal choice to provide internet on the go. Using this data card you can access the internet anytime or anywhere. You can use this data card for all your net surfing needs, emails, social networking, online chat, downloading data, online games the modern data card makes it all possible. Its hassle free operation makes it a great choice for all internet users. Huawei 3G broadband dongle will enable and provide uninterrupted internet connection anytime and anywhere with instant high speed internet wireless connectivity up to 7.2Mbps for laptop and other computing devices.

Seamless Internet Connectivity

Broadband internet service truly is the most used form of internet access because of its high access speed. Most users are moving towards the faster broadband internet connection and Huawei HSPA data card provides 7.2Mbps high speed and assures your connectivity to the web steady and rapidly. Huawei 3G Broadband gives internet flexibility with the convenience to access the internet when away from the home and office. This dongle offers plug and play connectivity with no installation hassles. Once the dongle is set up, it offers a very intuitive menu for all the functions. The connectivity is based on HSPA technology which ensures better performance and faster data speed. So you can quickly start your work from anywhere you wish. If you are looking for a fast and hassle free broadband dongle for yourself, you can opt for Huawei HSPA USB Datacard 3G USB modem model E303U 7.2Mbps 3G Broadband dongle. This super and higher quality dongle provides you internet access with its excellent signal strength.

Best Network Coverage

This USB dongle provides a super fast internet access and makes your net surfing experience simpler and easier. It provides excellent signal strength even in areas that have weak network coverage. It not only provides fast internet access but also provides a hitch free access to the streaming media on internet. You can make Skype calls, listen to music, and watch your favourite movies online with an effectively fast speed. The most important and the best thing about this USB dongle is the feature of WI-FI. With a WI-FI hotspot, you can share internet connection with this USB dongle. This dongle will support up to five wireless connections. Huawei 3G dongle connects USB modem and is an excellent device designed for fast data transmission via HSPA/ UMTS/ EDGE/ GPRS/ GSM networks offering a max transfer rate of 7.2Mbps. It also supports micro SD card that can store up to 32GB. It has GPRS speeds of up to 85.6Kbps and E3 EDGE speeds of up to 237Kbps as this dongle is window 8 compatible. You can use 2G and 3G SIM card with this huawei 3g USB dongle and get immediate high speed internet. It can be used anywhere as it supports Dual Band, Tri Band or Quad Band technology. Most settings can easily be configured via an easy web interface. Nowadays people tend to spend more of their lives on the go Huawei 3G broadband dongle is a terminal available for wireless network access ,with which users can access the fast internet in the wireless be it in the office ,outdoor sites or anywhere while you are travelling. It is a conveniently slim and stylish solution for internet access on the move. What are you waiting for friends? Gone are the days when you would depend on the wire network for broadband access today you can get amazing speed from Huawei HSPA USB Datacard 3G USB Modem Model E303U 7.2Mbps 3G Broadband dongle that is compact, portable and is plug and play ready. Order it today to get this excellent, superb and dashing product at very low price. Just buy this one if you are looking to buy 3g broad band dongle within this price range.

Product Details
Manufacturer Huawei
Brand Huawei
Model Number 303F
Colour Name White
Item Package Quantity 1

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