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Huawei E173-7.2Mbps 3G Data Card

Huawei E173-7.2Mbps 3G Data Card

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Product Description

Internet is the new world's necessity. Every human being's best friend. Without the internet one becomes crippled in this age. But when you are working on your laptop away from your home you miss your internet because of the lack of Wifi or the internet cable. Huawei E-173 Data card offers an excellent solution for the same. With the help of this amazing product you can surf on the internet anywhere and everywhere you wish to. This data card helps you to work while you are on the go, while travelling or while sipping coffee at a café. With this product you no longer have to search for places with WiFi connections; you carry your wifi with yourself. This small device offers an astounding 3G speed of

2 Mbps. With this speed you can download a whole movie in less than 15 mins from the internet. Uploading pictures was never faster than this before. With this data card it is like having the whole internet at your footstep. You can skype calls to your friends or family without any disconnection or slow internet. The device provides you with amazingly unbelievable high internet speed and a very clear connection. This USB modem with 3G works like a GSM sim card. It will receive great connectivity wherever there is a mobile tower. So basically it will receive great connection anywhere as there is no place today that does not have at least one mobile tower.

This particular Huawei data card is white in color. Huawei provides a 3 months warranty for the E-173 data card. In comparison to other data cards this Huawei data card is more preferable because of its great internet speed. Such an amazing internet speed is very rare in data cards in the price range that the Huawei E-173 belong in. The data card also provides with a video calling function which is very efficient to use. One of its key features is that it can be used abroad on international trips as well as it can collaborate with different internet providers. This makes the data card even more approachable compared to all its other competitors. Installation of the data card is very easy. When you connect the data card to your desired device a software installation program pops up with the help of which you can easily install the software and start using your dongle net. Other important feature of the Huawei E173 is that it is platform independent, which means that it supports all sorts of operating systems like iOS, Windows, Linux and others too. If you are someone who works while on the go then this is a much needed product for you. You can buy this product exclusively from at a very reasonable price.

Product Features

  • Huawei e173
  • usb modem
  • 3g modem
  • unlocked modem
  • gsm modem
Product Details
Manufacturer Huawei
Brand Huawei
Model Number E173
Colour Name White
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 3 Month
Technical Specification
Special Features 7.2 Mbps DL Speed, Voice Call, Video Call, SMS, USSD

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Overall Rating 3.2 out of 5 stars
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