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Huawei e353 3G/4G Data Card

Huawei e353 3G/4G Data Card

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Overview: Huawei e353 3G/4G Data Card Mobile Phone

The Huawei E353 is one of the most recent USB Stick modem from the house of Huawei Devices which supports a downloading speed of maximum 21Mbps on the advanced HSPA+ network (900/2100MHz bands). This modem provides an extremely fast access. Simply plug it and see the magic in just fifteen seconds.

As far as the new category of budget friendly USB modems are concerned, the Huawei E353 has been found to be a perfect fit. With a downloading speed capacity that easily reaches a downloading speed up to a limit of 2

6 Mbps along with an uploading speed capacity up till

76 Mbps, the price of this device is quite low in comparison to its counterparts. Whether you are using the conventional mobile networks or the latest HSPA system, the Huawei E353 modem is compatible to almost every form of network. It has been provided with the latest and the advanced Qualcomm 8200a chipset that comes with different network enhancements which further provide a better and faster mobile broadband experience even while on the go.

The modem is also backwards compatible when it comes to older network technologies such as HSDPA, HSUPA, UTMS (WCDMA), GSM/EDGE and HSPA. This modem also provides room for the attachment of external antenna through a CRC9 connector. In addition to this, it also provides an option for attaching straps to the modem in order to secure the modem and the USB connector's covering lid in one place. It comes with a manufacturer warranty of about six months and an excellent and secure packaging

About the company :

Huawei Technologies Company Limited is a multinational telecommunications equipment and networking based in China with its headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It took over Ericsson in the year 2012 and has since been the largest telecommunications equipment maker across the globe.

The company was founded in the year 1987 by a Ren Zhengfei. Ren earlier served in the People's Liberation Army as a former engineer. He started Huawei as the private company which was owned directly by its employees. During the time of its establishment, the company's main focus layon the manufacturing of phone switches. However, with its expansion on the business front, the cbrand also began to inculcate telecommunications network building services. At that time, it used to provide consulting as well as operational equipments and services to all forms of major and minor enterprises both outside and inside of China. In addition to this, it would also manufacture communications devices especially for the consumer market. The company employs over a magnificent number of 140,000 employees out of which around forty six percent are directly engaged in the company's research and development department.

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Detailed specifications have been provided to help you choose the mobile phone that best suits your needs. This attractive black handset is bound to make a statement. There is also a warranty included- 6 Months. 27 users have given the Huawei e353 3G/4G Data Card a 5 star rating.

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