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Hydraulic Bottle Car Jack Lifter, 2 Ton

Hydraulic Bottle Car Jack Lifter, 2 Ton

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Overview: Hydraulic Bottle Car Jack Lifter, 2 Ton

Get this new hydraulic bottle car 2 ton jack lifter and bid good bye to manual car jacks and painful flat tyre changes.

Changing flat tires with a manual jack can be a really painful and long process. The swivelling and cranking can easily cause a lot of pain in the back, shoulders, arms, and in simple words the whole body. It is essential to have a tool that can help you with tyre replacement without breaking a sweat and instantly. If you are on the hunt for such a tool, then this 2 ton jack lifter is what you are looking for.

This car jack lifter is a small and handy device that can be placed in your car effortlessly. It works on hydraulic mechanism, so you do not have put any effort to lift your car for a tyre replacement. This jack is hand operated, so you do not need any additional accessories to use it. You can change the flat tyre of your car in no time and be on time for your appointments. It can handle up to 2 tons to a height of up to 11.5 inches which makes it perfect for lifting your car for tire changing and general inspection.

This product is truly a gift for young ladies and older women who have no experience in using jacks. You will never have to call a mechanic for a tyre change ever if you get this hydraulic jack.

Use it on a flat, stable, and non-slippery surface for maximum stability and safety.

It is made of superior quality steel, so it will last for years. The quality of the product and its functionalities make it one of the most essential product that every owner should have.

Replace flat tyres in minutes with this handy and durable hydraulic bottle car 2 ton jack lifter.

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