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itek Bluetooth Music Receiver

itek Bluetooth Music Receiver

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Product Description

State of the Art Audio Apparatus

The Itek Bluetooth music receiver can be connected to stereo equipment via a simple 3.5mm jack to enable your device with Bluetooth. You can then pair your music device with the Bluetooth music receiver, which acts as a wireless bridge, allowing you to transmit audio via Bluetooth to car stereo systems, speakers or home theatre systems, which are not Bluetooth enabled. Compatible with smart phones, tablets and laptops, the Bluetooth music receiver from Itek offers you the freedom to control the stereo system from a distance of up to 33ft.

Extended Playback Time

During playback if you need to answer a phone call, this Bluetooth music receiver for smart phone automatically pauses the audio and then continues to play the song once the call is disconnected. The Itek music receiver for smartphone is powered through a built in rechargeable battery which supports an impressive 5 to 6 hours of playback time to complement your extended playlist. The small and sturdy build of the Bluetooth music receiver for laptop enables you to carry it easily to enjoy your favourite tracks anywhere. So upgrade your traditional speakers with Bluetooth connectivity and enlarge your musical horizon with the Itek Bluetooth music receiver.

Product Features

Brand: Itek

Battery: Rechargeable battery provides 5 to 6 hours of playback time

Range: Up to 33ft

Connectivity: 3.5mm jack

Small and compact design for enhanced portability

Product Features

  • CATEGORY : Audio and Video Accessories
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 131.5 grams
Product Dimensions 14 cm x 14 cm x 14 cm

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Overall Rating 3.3 out of 5 stars
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