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The IFB 20BC3 Convection Oven has been designed to make cooking fun. With a multi-stage cooking option, this oven makes your cooking task much simpler. It has a gorgeous design, with straight elegant lines, which make it an excellent in any contemporary settings. The IFB convection oven operates at a microwave frequency of 2450 MHz, with 1200 watts consumed by the microwave, 2000 watts consumed by the convection oven and 1250 watts consumed by the grill.

This oven from IFB has an overall capacity and lets you grill, roast, cook, heat and do a whole lot more. In the convection option, the microwaves heat up the molecules of the food uniformly, so you get to enjoy juicier portions of food. You can carry out different cooking styles at the same time and save a lot of your time. The magic of combination cooking, which consists of the microwave and grill mode, lets you experiment more and more with a wide variety of recipes. The faster you are done cooking your meals, the more time you get to enjoy with your family and friends. This oven makes use of intelligent features to redefine the modern-day kitchen experience.

The 20-litre oven has a classy stainless steel cavity on the inside and is covered with a glass door attached to a cool touch handle. On the side panel, the oven uses a clock timer with a bright LED display. The timer lets you select how long you want to cook a meal. There are 10 levels of temperature selection for your convenience too. There are up to 24 auto cook menus preloaded in its memory such that you can explore new flavours every day of the month. You only have to enter the weight and let the oven do the rest.

The 20BC3 oven also lets you keep the food warm by delivering a low power microwave pulse to keep the temperature at a constant level. Thus, you can leave your food in the microwave without having to worry about it getting cold. In case you leave your food outside, and it does get cold, you can select the auto reheat and quickly bring it to a higher temperature level. The quick start options allows for express cooking and you can also melt the ice off your frozen foodstuff using the speed defrost option.

The biggest advantage of this microwave oven is its steam clean and deodorise mechanism, which heats the food automatically from the grill and cleans the inner cavity automatically. It does all this while maintaining high levels of hygiene. So now, you don�t need to worry about cleaning the inner cavity as the oven does all the work. Equipped with a child safety lock feature, your kids cannot inadvertently stop the cooking process or leave the door open. So purchase this IFB oven online today and enjoy the very best of intelligent cooking.


  • Capacity: 20 L
  • Type : Convection
  • 2000 Watts
Product Details
Manufacturer IFB
Brand IFB
Wattage 2,000 Watts
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded-Electric
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 39 cm x 45.2 cm x 26.2 cm

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