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Model Number INSS02
Size Sofa Set
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Moving into a new home or redecorating the one you're already living in, finding the suitable furniture is always a crafty task. In the world of interior designing, a piece of furniture is the backbone element of the room in concern. No matter what the placement, it takes up most of the focus and changes the way you view the room. All other essential and decorative elements - be it a giant-screen television, the colour of your walls, the tiles on your floor or the aesthetic accessories and knickknacks - play second fiddle to your main furniture set. Every now and then, you would possibly change the shade of your wall or replace a lamp or a potted plant to give the room a face-lift, furniture is something that stays for years, often more than a decade. It is thereby essential that you get your basics right with your furniture purchase.

A sofa set is possibly the most important furniture in your home. It is that key piece in your living room that speaks volumes about your personal taste. You would want to put some thought into selecting furniture which would serve as a seat for all kinds of visitors to your home.

Given the number of options available in the market, you'd be spoilt for choice. Several factors are to be considered before zeroing in on the sofa set that would best suit your living room. To make things easier for you, Induscraft has brought the perfect sofa set to meet your specific needs. Beautifully designed and professionally crafted, his decorative wooden sofa set is a buyer's delight. The set contains a three seater, a couple of single seaters and one centre table.

Size & Style

The prime element of this sofa set is an un-compartmented three seater, which is accompanied by two single seaters. The former is of a comfortable dimension of 72"L x 26"W, while the latter are a proportionate 26"L x 26"W each. A centre table of size 30"L x 45"W capably rounds up with wonderful sofa set. The table itself is rectangular in nature and has a polished timber finish. Devoid of legs, this medium-sized table stands on its own volume, a design that has visible East-Asian influences. Fitted within the table are several compartments and shelves for storage.

While the market is flooded with sofa sets that are both larger (sectional sofas) and smaller (loveseats) in size, a five seater is an optimum solution for nuclear families that tend to have three or more members. It is perfect for hosting regular visitors and guests at your home. The style of this sofa set is multifunctional, with it serving as a centrepiece in your drawing room and as a place for your family to relax and watch television. The design for this set follows a modern-classic trend, where it expertly merges a classic pattern with modern minimalism. The sofa set comes in a brown timber shade, with contrasting Light Expresso seats. These classic furniture shades are usually in conjunction with room décor and various colours of wall paints.


A good sofa must last you at least a decade. Its use is equal parts aesthetics and function. Induscraft thereby guarantees a premium quality in construction of their furniture pieces. This particular sofa set along with the centre table, has a sturdy framework made of seasoned & treated Sheesham Wood which is internationally regarded as a premier timber species. This heavy-set timber framework ensures longevity, while the sleek design masks its massy nature.

Fabric & Seat Cushions

Ample amounts of soft cotton fitted inside structured linen coverings form the seat cushions of this sofa set. Unlike cotton that tends to wrinkle or synthetic that has maintenance hassles, the soft linen stays firmly stretched for years and is relatively easier to clean. Structurally, the sofas are low set, and the beautiful timber frame blankets the seats almost entirely, giving it a snug appeal. The even cotton padding of the seats are thick and comfortable. This neutralizes the chances of the seats slouching at an angle, sliding uncomfortably or sinking embarrassingly. The linen comes in a beautiful hue of Light Expresso, which brightens up your room and beacons attention. If you're reluctant to use a light shade for fears of spillage and staining, you could always cover the seats up with removable covers that are easily washable. Overall, this sofa set is the most favourable answer to your hunt for a wonderful furniture set. When you're not entertaining guests and having visitors over, you'd seldom want to leave this place of ultimate coziness.

How to maintain the Induscraft decorative wooden sofa set?

This wooden sofa can be easily maintained. You need to take a soft duster and wipe away the dust. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust from the cushioned area. In case of spills and stains, you can take a clean cloth and rub the area with mild soapy water. This product is available on the internet. Therefore, you can buy Induscraft decorative wooden sofa set online and get it delivered s to your home.

Key Features at a glance

Un-compartmented three seater

Wooden Frame

Space saving design

Easy to clean and maintain

Product Details
Model Number INSS02
Size Sofa Set


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