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The lowest price on Junglee by Amazon for the INTEL G41 CHIPSET COMBO DESKTOP MOTHERBOARD is 2,699.00 from Marketplace.

Product Description

Every computer that we see in our offices and homes are the result of a combination of a number of components such as a hard disk, a RAM, a monitor and other peripherals. One of the essential components is a motherboard which acts as an assembly platform and functions as the hardware interface for all other essential as well as additional components. Since a motherboard is an assembly platform that allows all the components of the computer to interact through its circuitry, it should to be highly efficient and functional. If you are not sure about where you can get a motherboard then buy DBELLS Intel G41 Desktop Motherboard online today. Intel is considered to be one of the best computer chipset manufacturing companies in the world. A majority of the computers in this world are powered by Intel. Thus, you can be sure that the product that will reach your office or home is of excellent quality. Besides, you can save your valuable time by placing the order for the motherboard online. You will not have to go to an electronics outlet in order to buy the motherboard.

Features of the DBELLS Intel Motherboard

Intel has designed and developed this motherboard and chipset combo only for desktops. It has LGA 775 dual RAM slots. The Dual Core range of processors and the Core2Duo range of processors are supported by this DBELLS Intel chipset and motherboard combo. Besides, there are other ranges of processors that are supported by this Intel motherboard and these are Celeron and Pentium. It supports Core2Duo up to E4300 and Dual Core up to E2180. This Intel motherboard by DBELLS has multiple SATA ports and a number of USB ports too. The motherboard also has an embedded Ethernet card, a sound card and a VGA card. Intel offers PCIE (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) for the peripherals of the computer. Thus, you can be rest assured that all the peripherals of your computer will function with a high speed transmission.

Benefits of the DBELLS Intel Desktop Motherboard and Chipset Combo

Intel is one of the most reliable computer circuit and chipset developing companies in the world. You can be sure that your desktop will deliver a high performance thanks to the Intel motherboard installed inside the cabinet of your computer. It is fully compatible with different models and versions of central processing units (CPU). Therefore, you will have the freedom to choose the type of processor according to your preference. So why wait anymore? Shop online for DBELLS Intel G41 desktop motherboard without delay in order to have a smooth performing computer.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Intel Desktop Motherboard

Electronic circuitry and chipsets are highly vulnerable to damage because of accidental liquid spills. Thus, you should protect the Intel motherboard by DBELLS from exposure to any liquids. In addition to that, you should keep the chip board clean by regularly dusting off the dirt and dust with the help of a soft brush. You can choose from the varieties of brushes that are available in the market. You may need brushes of different sizes. In addition to that, you should always remember to clean the motherboard using a dry brush and only a brush because a piece of cloth is not suitable for the tiny crevices of a motherboard. On the other hand, anything harsh or hard can cause damage to the chipset. As far as storing the motherboard is concerned, the best place for it is where it belongs - inside the CPU. Assemble it at the earliest after it is delivered to your home. The thin pins of the motherboard are very delicate and always remain vulnerable to damage or breakage if left carelessly in the open.

Key Highlights

775 pins

Onboard Ethernet, sound and VGA cards

Supports Core2Duo, Dual Core, Pentium, Celeron

4 USB and SATA ports

PCI Express

Product Features

  • 1 IDE PORT
Product Details
Brand Zebronics
Model Number Z41

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