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Ideal Home Multifunctional

Ideal Home Multifunctional

Brand Ideal Home
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Overview: Ideal Home Multifunctional

Do you love cooking but hate to spend hours in the kitchen? Then the Green and White Home Nicer Dicer from the house of Ideal Home is the ideal product for you that helps you finish off with your kitchen chores in no time.

In the box

The pack contains a transparent container having a capacity of 1500ml , a cutting base, removable top with cleaning button, blade quarters or wedges, plug-in cutting stamp, partial blade cover, perfect peeler, fresh-keeping lid, one 6x6mm / 12x12mm blade and one 18x18mm / 6x36mm blade.

Material and design

The container and lids of the Green and White Home Nicer Dicer is made of high quality polycarbonate plastic while the blades are made of stainless steel. It comes in a sober combination of white and green. The container is transparent and rectangular in shape.

Key highlights

The dicer is made of high quality material that makes it extremely sturdy.

The removable top makes it easy to clean.

The transparent container has a capacity of 1500ml.

With this dicer, you can cut in 11 different ways.

The apparatus is easy and safe to use.

You can use it slice, cube,  dice, quarter, wedge, cut, julienne, grate and so much more

Keeps your hands clean and allows you to dice hygienically.

As it is dishwasher safe, you can clean it easily.


The Ideal Home Green and White Home Nicer Dicer is an ideal apparatus for every modern kitchen. It helps you with almost every job like dicing, cutting, grating and slicing. Its compact size occupies very little space on the kitchen slab. It lets you finish your job without messing the kitchen slab. As you don't need to touch the vegetables therefore you can maintain ultimate hygiene with this dicer. When you cut with dicer it give professional finish everytime. It is safe for your fingers as they do not come in contact with the blades. After your job is done, you can empty the contents straight from the container in the required cooking vessel without making your hands sticky or smelly. Its compact size also allows you to carry it along while going on picnics or other outstation trips. Not only for your own use, you can also consider it as a very good option of gifting on anniversaries, housewarming occasion etc. So shop this Multi-purpose Dicer with Stainless Steel Blades from the online store today and cut down your preparation time while cooking.


You can use this multi-purpose manual dicer to chop onions, tomatoes, carrots, celery, peppers, zucchini, hard boiled eggs, grate cheese and fruits with very little effort. then watch as the ingredients transfer instantly from the cutting surface into the bowl below.

How to use

The transparent container is required for almost every task you just need to change the blade attachment. Then place the food item you want to slice, cube,  dice, quarter, wedge, cut, julienne, grate etc. and press the lid of the container downwards. While opening the lid, press the green push button and the lid is released. Then pour out the contents in a separate bowl.

Maintenance and care

Always clean the base and the lid of the dicer by simply placing it under running water. As it is dishwasher safe, you can easily clean the dicer without much effort. Similarly you can also clean the peeler. In case of the dicer, rinse it with soap water. Do not touch the blades as it may cause accidents. Air dry the dicer completely before putting it back on the shelf. If it smells bad, then mix baking soda and water in 1:1 ratio and pour it inside and leave it for around 10 to 15 minutes. This helps in absorbing any bad odour.

About the brand

The brand Ideal Home offers you a huge range of kitchenware items like chopper, slicer, juicer, egg beater, cutlery set, French fry cutter and a lot more. Its aim has always been to maintain the best standard of their products and ensuring maximum satisfaction level of the customers. The products not only serve household purposes but can also be used in clubs, hotels, restaurants etc.

So buy this Convenient Home Dicer online and see how purposeful it prove in saving your time inside the kitchen.

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Brand Ideal Home

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