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Ideal Home Spice Rack With Free Spice Jars (12 Pc)

Ideal Home Spice Rack With Free Spice Jars (12 Pc)

Brand Idealhome
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Product Description

Do you love to decorate your home? Do you want the best accessories to add spunk to your kitchen decor? You must have a look at this amazing product brought to you by the brand Ideal Home. Ideal Home is a brand which produces quality products that will help you enhance the look of your room. Be it your kitchen or your bedroom, Ideal Home can provide you a wide range of accessories to choose from. If you have always wondered how to change the decor of your kitchen then you must buy this Spice Rack. This will enable you to keep all spices in place. Let us check out the attributes this product, which will help you to make the purchase.

Design and Style

The Spice Rack flaunts a white colour. The colour white gives a very soothing effect to the eye when we look at it. If you have a white paint in your kitchen then nothing can get better than this white spice rack, which will be perfect for you. White looks very elegant and adds a tinge of sophistication to the kitchen. If you love cooking then keeping your surrounding clean is a must. You always want to see all your spices lined up without getting misplaced. Here is your opportunity to buy online Spice Rack + Free 12 Spice Jars and avoid all these unwanted situations. Now keep all your spices in a way that you get hold of them when needed. The Spice rack comes with a sliding feature. This will enable you to slide the rack and keep them together. This feature makes the product very compact and handy. Carrying the Spice rack is very easy as it weighs light. You carry it wherever you want to without thinking about its weight. If you are invited in a house warming party or have a wedding invitation to attend then this is the best gift option you can settle for. Dont think twice just go for this amazing offer.


The best part of this product is that it comes with an amazing offer. If you buy this Spice rack you will avail 12 set of jars absolutely free. In these jars you can put all your spices. It can accommodate 12 different types of spices together. You can put the spices which you need on a daily basis in the front panel of the rack. This will enable you to pick up the spice you want quickly. Gone are the days when you had to find a particular spice in the middle of your cooking. Shop online Spice Rack + Free 12 Spice Jars and keep all your spices within your reach. The stylish jars are fully transparent. This enables you to look through the jars and identify which spice is inside them. The jars come with a lid on them which keep them tight so that air does not go inside and ruin the quality of the spice. If you have a tight budget, do not panic, this product is very much affordable. It will come within your budget and will not pinch your pocket.

About The Brand

Ideal Home is a brand which has been operating in India since long. They manufacture accessories which are produced to ease the household work of women as well as to enhance and enrich the look of a room. It is one of the most visited e-retail websites you can shop from. If you buy a product from Ideal Home, you will not regret the purchase. They believe in delivering quality products. If you face any problem or have any query regarding the product you are free to call the company. They are very much approachable and will try to provide you with proper solutions.

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining the Spice rack is very easy. All you need to do is take a dry cloth and wipe the rack at regular intervals which will prevent dust from resting on its body. This will let you retain the white colour of the rack. When the spice jars are not in use, you are advised to wash them with water and a mild soap. After washing, do not forget to dry and wipe them with a dry cloth. This will help wipe all the water marks from the jars and keep them new.

Key Features

Spice rack flaunts a white colour

12 jars are absolutely free with them


Jars are air tight

Product Details
Brand Idealhome

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