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Ikea Grundtal Long 1 Kitchen Shelf, 1 Rail and 10 Hooks Set Stainless Steel

Ikea Grundtal Long 1 Kitchen Shelf, 1 Rail and 10 Hooks Set Stainless Steel

Brand Ikea
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Product Description

Design and decorate your home by adding cute accessories to get a contemporary look to your room. Such accessories bring a vast change in the way a kitchen looks like. Traditional kitchen room are taking a new look. All the items are being replaced by sophisticated and elegant designs. Even if you have a small kitchen at home you can still renovate its look and make it appear like the one in your dream. You need to know the way of adjusting and offering a cutting-edge look to the cooking room. As we all agree, the kitchen is not just a place where you can cook the daily meals - it is far more than that. You can contribute a lot towards your modular kitchen. Just try out some effective tips and you are soon going to augment the beauty of your kitchen in just few minutes.

This is a stylish kitchen shelf, rail and stainless steel rack that you can buy for your kitchen. In order to shop for this product you will have to click on the image of the product, select the desired mode of option that you would like to choose to buy the product, after which you will have to check out. Mention your name, address, contact number, email address, etc. for further reference after which the product will be confirmed. The warranty card, the bill and other documents related to the product will be handed over to you at the time of delivery of the product. The product will be delivered at your doorstep within the stipulated time from the date of purchase. So, shop Ikea Grundtal Long 1 Kitchen Shelf, 1 Rail and 10 Hooks Set Stainless Steel online without any second thought.

You can incorporate stylish designs in your kitchen by bringing in some stunning kitchen cabinets and storage accessories for your home. You can buy this kitchen shelf rack cum cup holder for your kitchen today. This is one of the best ways to convert your conventional kitchen into a modular one. The conventional and traditional kitchens are these days fading away. The modular kitchen is far much comfortable and convenient. So if you are looking to buy some modular kitchen items then get this exclusive kitchen shelf, kitchen rail and hook stand for your kitchen today.

Material and Design of the Kitchen Accessory from Ikea:

This modular kitchen accessory is a must-buy for every home. This kitchen item is not like the regular ones that you get in the market. The manufacturers have designed the kitchen rack in a sturdy style. It is made of high quality stainless steel. The product is quite durable and long lasting and it is designed with immense perfection. The rack remains rust-free and it is non-corrosive. There is an extended part attached to it which allows you to easily fix it against the wall. You will only need few screws and a screw driver to fit this kitchen item against the wall in the kitchen. You can fit the rack all by yourself. Just below the kitchen rack you will find, there are about 10 hooks. You can use these hooks to hang the little tea cups properly. This will prevent the cups from occupying too much space in your kitchen. This is a great way to organise your kitchen and make it appear neat and tidy all the time. All the cups will hang neat and safely there. Using this stylish kitchen shelf, stylish rail, stainless steel rack is a top notch way to improve the decor of your kitchen.

 Maintenance and Care of the Kitchen ware:

The kitchen rack cum holder does not need much attention. Before putting back any utensil or cups on the rack remember to wipe it dry completely. You must clean the rack once in a month, in order to leave it sprinkle clean. On regular days simply dust it using a soft cloth to get rid of the accumulated dust. They are easy to fit against the wall and will not take much time. If that sounds difficult to you then you can surely call a professional to fit it for you. Once you fit the kitchen rack, you will notice how amazing your kitchen will appear to be. You will surely receive a lot of compliments from your guests when they will visit your kitchen. There are innumerable accessories that you can buy to make your kitchen all the more modern, comfortable and well equipped and this one product is the best out of all. The easy to clean and easy to maintain factors makes it a first choice for all homes.

Items Available in the Box:

Once you receive the box at your doorstep, unpack the product carefully. When you will open the package of this item you will see Ikea Grundtal Long 1 Kitchen Shelf, 1 Rail and 10 Hooks Set Stainless Steel wrapped properly in a bubble wrap and placed neatly inside a sturdy box. The items are kept well, there is enough space in the box that keeps the stuff safe all throughout the process of shipping. Do not worry about the safety of the products. The brand is trust worthy and it assures all its customers safe delivery at all times. You can easily buy Ikea Grundtal Long 1 Kitchen Shelf, 1 Rail and 10 Hooks Set  online.

Key Points:

Brand - Ikea

Pack includes - 1 Kitchen Shelf, 1 Rail and 10 Hooks Set

Helps you to organise your kitchen in a better way

Apt for small kitchen

Materials used - High quality stainless steel

Durable quality

Easy to clean

Easy to maintain

Product Details
Brand Ikea

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