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WOW Imagine Matte Hard Case Back Cover For Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen (Maroon Wine Red)

WOW Imagine Matte Hard Case Back Cover For Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen (Maroon Wine Red)

Lowest online price: 165
Colour Red
Compatible Devices Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen
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Product Description

The new Moto G 2nd Gen mobile is a stylish and classy looking device in itself. So do you own the Moto G 2nd Gen mobile and do you wish to provide your mobile phone a brand new look? If the answer to these questions is yes, you don't need to worry anymore as now you can own the WOW Imagine Matte Hard Case Back Cover For Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen, Maroon Wine Red very easily. WOW is one of the most eminent and trusted brands when in comes to several mobile phone accessories and each product is made under stringent quality norms to provide users with top quality products. This red coloured back case is no different. The sleek design and precise cut makes it a must have for all Moto G 2nd Gen owners. Take a look at the product before you make the purchase.

Style and Design

This mobile phone cover is extremely stylish and first thing that will attract your attention towards this stylish case cover is the form fitted and slim design. This case comes sports a sturdy build which ensures complete protection for your Moto G mobile phone device. This case cover is rubberised hard and has an ultra smooth feel to it, also this cover is made from premium quality material it ensures durability and reliability of the product. As this case comes in a stylish shade of bright wine red, it enhances the look of your Moto G mobile device and it is different from all other kinds of back case cover because it protects the mobile device without compromising the original look and style of it. It cannot be denied that when you decide to buy a mobile phone, there are numerous things that you pay attention to and apart from the tech specifications and the price; the look of the device is an important part of it and contributes immensely to one's purchasing decision. Popular brand WOW has kept this particular thing in mind while designing this Moto G 2nd Gen case cover. The case is really light in weight. It is lighter than the other case covers that are available in the market. This Moto G 2nd Gen case cover sports a light in weight and convenient design that is an added factor as it does not weigh down the look of the smartphone device. By putting on this cover to your Moto G 2nd Gen, you will ensure that the dimensions of the mobile will not increase much and therefore, you can easily put the smartphone in or pull the phone out of your bag or trouser pocket without much hassle and this is because the dimensions of the phone do not increase much. This Moto G 2nd Gen case cover has proper precise cut outs and in all the right places which ensures a snug and precise fit. This will make sure that you can access all the ports and buttons without much difficulty.

This back case cover comes with numerous advantages over a flip cover. It is difficult to receive calls or see messages when you are using a flip cover case and this is especially significant when you are in a crowded place and there you need to receive an important call. However, this can be avoided with a back case cover. This maroon and red back gives your Moto G mobile device a elegant, sleek, and classy look, without acting as a finger print magnet. This back case cover ensures a snug fit. It will also withstand prolonged and rough usage and endure several wear and tear. Therefore, it is properly designed to protect your Moto G 2nd Gen phone from scratches or severe dents that might result from any kind of accidental falls or bumps. Secondly, this protective red coloured case also feels really easy in your hand and is comfortable to hold and touch. This gives you a comfortable feeling every time you hold the Moto G 2nd Gen phone. This red case cover will not get affected even if your palms become sweaty during the hot summer months. The best part about this red coloured hard back case cover is that it can be installed easily when you need to and removed as well and your nails won't get hurt or chipped while doing so. This particular feature also ensures that the fit of the back cover is precise and proper on you mobile device. With some covers the improper thickness makes the flash of the camera refract back. However, this back case is makes sure that this specific problem is handled with ease and in an effective manner. You can now capture all your favourite moments without unnecessary light balance causing disruption to the pictures.

Maintenance and Care

Maintenance of this Moto G protective cover is not much of a hassle and it won't take much of your time cleaning it. Since this cover comes in the shade of dark matte red, it required certain amount of maintenance so that it remains free from marks and scratches. Regular maintenance eliminates the chances of the colour fading away with extensive usage. You can wipe this Moto G cover with a soft but dry and neat piece of cloth once in a while. Also, when you are cleaning the cover, remember to remove the cover you're your mobile phone device and then wipe it inside out in a careful manner. Do not use any bleaching agent or harsh cleaning solution as it may damage the texture of the product. This product is now available on the internet, so you can buy WOW Imagine Matte Hard Case Back Cover For Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen, Maroon Wine Red online and provide a perfect fit for your mobile phone.

Features at a glance

Stylish and elegant design

Comes in a bright red colour

Precise design and cut

Protect the Moto G device from scratches, bumps and damage

Perfectly fit the shape of the Moto G devcie

Provides easy access to the mobile functions like volume button and power button

Made of high quality and durable materials

Easy to clean and maintain

Product Features

  • FOR MOTOROLA MOTO G (2nd Generation) G2 XT1068
  • Also get a MEMORY CARD READER FREE as an inaugural offer.
  • Rubberised Hard Case UltraSmooth feel
  • MAROON WINE RED colour with MATTE finish
  • Scratch Proof Coating for lasting Durability
Product Details
Manufacturer ImagineDesign
Brand ImagineDesign
Model Number PAHCMG2-01MWR
Colour Red
Technical Specification
Device Type Back Cover
Compatible Devices Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 9 cm x 5 cm x 1 cm

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Overall Rating 3.2 out of 5 stars
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