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The Immortals of Meluha (Shiva Trilogy)

The Immortals of Meluha (Shiva Trilogy)

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Publisher Westland
The Immortals of Meluha (Shiva Trilogy) is brand new. I have read the book and now want to sell it.
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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
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  1. 14 of 15 people found this review helpful
     Fast Paced!!!! 3 February, 2012 On
    Just awesome!!! This is the word I will say about this book. This is all about a tribal man....who become the 'Maha Dev' or the god of the gods. Plotted in 3400 B.C. A nice interpretation of ancient Hindu mythology and civilization by Amish Tripathi. After reading this book, you will see the Hindu mythological characters in a new light.

    A must read!!!
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  2.  The way to Shiva's Godliness 25 December, 2013 On
    The author is a management graduate from IIM Calcutta. This is his debut novel, the first of the Shiva Trilogy and a great believer of Lord Shiva and his power.

    Storyline: Shiva, a leader and a fierce warrior of a tribe called Guna in the Himalayan mountains, near Lake Manasarovar adjacent to Mount Kailash, who led a simple life, was lured by the advanced civilization of the Suryavanshis from a land called Meluha, in order to lead them to a war against their opponents, the Chandravanshis from a land called Swadweep, under the pretext that Chandravanshis want to destroy Meluha out of jealousy, with the help of Nagas, another deadly clan from down South of India. Meluhans differ from the Swadweepans in their disciplined and organized lifestyle in comparison to the free and conservative nature of their counterparts. Both of them follow and interpret their diety Lord Ram’s principles in their own way. In the process of administering their eternal, exclusive and prestigious drink ‘Somras’ on Shiva, the Meluhans discover that Shiva is none other than their long awaited Neelkanth, who is supposed to be their savior and destroyer of evil, as per the legend they believed in. Shiva falls in love with the widowed daughter (Sati) of Daksh, the emperor of Meluha and gets married to her. In return, Daksh forced Shiva to lead a war against the Chandravanshis led by their ruler Dilipa, after the suspected attack of the former’s great Somras manufacturing facility, by the latter. Shiva after defeating Chandravanshis in a fiercefull war, realizes that they are not at all evil but just different from the disciplined and advanced Suryvanshis. He repents for his mistake of being responsible for the death of so many innocent Chandravanshis, who also believed in the same legend, mentioned earlier, and waiting for their Neelkanth. The book is left open ended when Sati is attacked by a Naga when she accompanies Shiva in Ayodhya, the Swadweepan capital.

    Positives: One of the best book series of recent times by an Indian author. A great interest is generated among the readers when one starts reading the book as it pertains to the identity and popularity of Lord Shiva, the highest worshipped God by the Hindus. Anxiety mounts every second as one is driven by interest to know what happens next chapter by chapter. One gets to know the origination of the Somras and its great immortal effects on human body scientifically explained. Terms associated with Lord Shiva and their importance explained with scientific logic like Mahadev, Nataraj dance posture, deadly weapon Trishul, tortoise formation in war etc are worth reading.

    Negatives: Might be disturbing to staunch followers of Lord Shiva, that he was once a human being and was subject to all kinds of physical and spiritual emotions just like all of us and could be even be misled by someone else. This book questions the fact about the basic belief in every Hindu whether the Gods that they worship today were once upon a time just humans who have become great by their deeds and virtues

    My rating is 3.75/5
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  3.  Blasphemous Crap.. 21 April, 2014 On
    Well, I am not much into review writing but after reading this book, I deemed it right to write the review for this blasphemous piece of crap.

    Just after reading few chapters of the book, I felt like I am reading the story of a "Masala" or 'Mass' movie with the character of the Hero played by 'Shiva', the leading lady by Sati and all others fitting into somewhere in the plot (And heck, there are cheap humor too in the whole tale!)

    The author have no idea on how he had tried to blaspheme the name of The Nataraj, the Shakti of the universe with his cheap character building, who falls for pretty women, use cool words (as per today's genre of writing) like 'Bastards', smokes weed with his friends and one who blurts out bawdy jokes! And to my disbelief, he has portrayed several of the other characters of the Hindu Purana as people with deformities (Goddess Kali, Ganesh) or twisted the characters so much, which is so inappropriate - as an example Krishna as a Pandit of a temple (!).

    Apart from the Character building, the historical and factual knowledge of the author is very shallow and he twists the facts suitable for his plot. The writing style and the literary usage is too poor to even read by a novice reader.

    I found all the three books of the author a waste of time, money and the twisted facts presented in his books as blasphemy at its best. Ignore the Marketing gimmicks (you will find ads of the trilogy in every book shops and online portals) and Avoid it for the best. Try Devdutt Pattnaik's books instead if you are looking for a light Mythological read.
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  4.  Meluha the best of the three along with the Cover page! 12 March, 2013 On
    Read it in less than a month it was released in 2010 i suppose( i am not that good with the dates) The main thing that attracted me towards this book is the cover page alone and after reading the book i could directly feel that the author is only trying to bridge the differnece between Mythology & History but in this part he was ok Enough and was waiting for iThe Secret of nagas till 2011 oct(that was when i gt a time to read it) that was only good enough to know or to complete the story which we have already started and felt like it was getting a bit dropped and the Oath of Vayuputras was good to complete so, i can say i have heard all that author wanted to say with this Triology..
    Of all these three this was all alone gave me a thought to inner thinking on Philosophy saying that suryavanshi's & chandravanshi's are different bt nt evil!!!!!! thats the lone point i liked in all three books
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  5. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Another good 1! 2 February, 2014 On
    The book has been beautifully scripted. The story line is new and unique. It was worth the money and it's a part of my collection now....
    I would recommend this book to all. In fact, all the books of the Shiva trilogy are just amazing... This was the best amongst the three books..
    DO READ IT!! it's worth it !!!!!!
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  6.  A must read to know about our India. Worth reading. 24 May, 2014 On
    Hello Bibiliophiles,
    Are you a lover of philosophy, history, religion, mythology?
    Have a desire to know about the past?

    Then it is best to have a start at Amish's The Immortals of Meluha. You will definitely end up with his third book.

    I have great interest in the above mentioned things. Though the book is a fiction it contains so many facts like the way of living of Harrappan people, our ancient rivers, their mode of worship etc. The author has excellently blended the story with some facts and has made us to visualise Lord Shiva infront of us and sometimes we tend to feel as if we are a part of the story and living in that age. Such is the author's writing excellency. Amish can be called as Dan Brown of India.

    Those who has read my review are sure to be inclined towards getting this book and have a good read.
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  7. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Super Awesome Imagination 8 June, 2014 On
    I read this book with skepticism but in the end i came to love it like it was written only to thrill and impart knowledge. The story speaks of a common man becoming a legend. The way the events enfold and make him a legend are perfectly constructed so that they make appropriate sense.
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  8.  Har Har Mahadev! 22 May, 2015 On
    Contrary to traditional mythology, in this book, author Amish would have us believe that the Mahadev is not a God. The Mahadev is as human as any other and is destined for greatness and godliness.

    Being an ardent fan of Indian mythology, the book appealed to me for its new and fresh approach to the story of Lord Shiva which has been retold many times. The story told by Amish teaches us to appreciate the Good and Evil that exists in all of us and the fact that grey areas must be appreciated. Life cannot be all black or white.

    Must read if you like mythology, as it opens your mind to questions that you would not have thought of earlier. The first book in the series ends on a high note, intriguing your interest in the next book that is to follow.
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  9.  Very charming opening of Shiva's Trilogy 7 May, 2013 On
    With a much hesitation I started reading this novel and soon after reading couple of pages I realized the power of the Author's writing that roaped me into the Journey of Shiva. From the Holy Lake in Himalayas, as Shiva starts his journey to Meluha, every step becomes very interesting. Especially, the narration about Melua, lifestyle of people, their culture, Somras, architecture of buildings, everything about Meluha is stunning. It makes you yearn that had we had an opportunity to live in such wonderful city. Towards the end the story becoms un-putdownable with its shocking twists and turns. You can not resist your desire to immediately start reading the second volume as soon as you complete this.. Great story; Great narration;
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  10.  No words to describe!!!!!!!! 31 March, 2014 On
    The story of Lord Shiva who lives in Tibet in mansarovar lake under the mountain kailash. He accompanies with his friend Bhadra and goes to the land of immortals(Meluha). It is A GORGEOUS STORY AND CONCEPT which is still running on my mind. The cover of the book itself will tempt us to read it. The author makes us to imagine the situations taking place in the story. He describes each of the character's garments, expressions and their attitude in detail which makes the reader say "WOW".
    This is a marvellous story which is created in the author's own imagination. this beautiful book is suggested for all age group people. Enjoy it....Get on yourself into the world of Amish. Must read.....
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  1.  Mythology, retold!
    A new way of telling and reading mythology. The Immortals of Meluha talks about Shiva and the good and evil within the God, but with the sight of a common man. There are no right and wrong in life and everyone has to face blind spots. Refreshingly new, written in a way that captures the reader till the Read more Published 1 year ago by Anubha On
  2.  Har Har Mahadev!
    Contrary to traditional mythology, in this book, author Amish would have us believe that the Mahadev is not a God. The Mahadev is as human as any other and is destined for greatness and godliness.

    Being an ardent fan of Indian mythology, the book appealed to me for its new and fresh approach Read more
    Published 1 year ago by ayushi On
  3.  Loved the book.. cannot wait to read the next one!
    Being a Shiva fan, I loved the way the book is written. The story telling is very engaging and could not put the book down once i was past 50 pages. This is one of those books that should be adapted to a movie as I would love to see how the characters come live on screen. Published 1 year ago by PB On
  4.  One of the best
    This book was recommended to me by my friend. I completed this book in seven days. After completing the last page, you want the next part. The next part is the 'The secret of Nagas'

    The book is very well written. Every book lover should read these as these are definitely very good work.
    Published 2 years ago by Raj On
  5.  Fluid Writing by Amish
    Fast paced and gives a new perspective to our mythology , all in all a good and knowledgeable read . Published 2 years ago by deepak puri On
  6.  Awesome Read
    It's a great read. Yes, it gives a little Bollywood feel, but it's brilliant. You can't stop reading it till you finish it. And the moment you finish it, you crave for the sequel.

    Kudos to the Amish for the good story. Though everything feels like it's an adaptation from the mythology, the Read more
    Published 2 years ago by Karanam On
  7.  great book
    this book awesome i read it when my sister give it to me but i could not stop when i started reading this book facebook this book brings all the god into human form witches the most acceptable nice written format i accept this book because in hinduism we believe everything to be sacred forefathers grandparents Read more Published 2 years ago by vijayy On
  8.  An ordinary book
    I would rate this as very ordinary novel and the Indian mythology has been presented in a quite dramatic fashion. I respect writer's fancy and imagination but I don't buy the association of any kind of reality with this narration. Somehow If you start associating with this religion , this might offend Read more Published 2 years ago by Vikas Taank On
  9.  PARVAAZ of my imagination
    Its an awesome book. Not for a moment but for the whole time I was wondering in the lands of maluha while reading it. After HARRY POTTER series, I was finding it hard to have the same effect as it did and I'm really glad its an Indian author. Published 2 years ago by himani On
  10.  divine read!
    A fresh perspective to the old mythology. Shiva's story is presented in a very interesting tale as he is portrayed like today's youth ! Published 2 years ago by ritika On