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The Incredible Banker

The Incredible Banker

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Rupa
The Incredible Banker is part of Subramanian's Banker Trilogy and is yet another racy novel that adds some twists, turns, and somersaults to an otherwise commonplace corporate setting. Greater Boston Global Bank, or GB2, is an American bank in India run by CEO Mr. Ronald McCain. Everything runs fine in the bank until trouble knocks one day and suddenly GB2 is the hub of a major scandal. McCain is dragged out of his office to the RBI headquarters and is told, much to his shock, that the Governor would very much like to see him.Something goes terribly wrong in GB2, and McCain has a lot of answering to do .They say when trouble strikes, it takes a whole lot of people down with it. Deepak Sarup is another interesting character who is introduced at this point.A captivating tale set in a corporate background, this novel comes alive as themes of deception, lies, adultery, avarice, and fraudulence set the plot moving on an unprecedented track, which takes us not only around the nation, but als ... See more
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Overall Rating 3.9 out of 5 stars
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     REDible thriller 13 October, 2013 On
    Anyone who started the book after seeing the cover page would have the slightest indication as to what is in store for them inside. Congratulations first to the designer of the cover page.
    Coming to the content, the author once again, as usual, proved to be an excellent story teller through this book.
    The way in which professionalism in corporate arena is shown to be misled with an equal or more professionalism in extremist circles of the country, is awesome. The heart thumping events that start with somewhere in Naxal infected jungles of Eastern India slowly unfold into the concrete jungles of Mumbai and eventually annulate into a deadly turn of events totally unexpected towards the end. Its all about how an aggressive corporate banking expert (Deepak) who does anything to climb up the corporate ladder and who doesn’t mind evicting anyone in his way by hook or crook, gets into a clever and dangerous Naxal planned financial imbroglio through one of his female colleagues and her accomplice, unknowingly. He ultimately lands up in jail after one of his earlier victims in the corporate ball game unearths a highly sophisticated system of money laundering through Indian banking system and public distribution system of the country, by the Naxals to fund their motives, by placing some of their educated and prosperous sympathizers in the system, but ultimately get caught by the CBI and the Press.
    Every character in the story is well justified towards the end except for the fact that there is no mention about the poor faithful wife of Deepak and her reaction after she comes to know about her husband’s physical and emotional affair with his widowed colleague.
    Finally, the author should be appreciated for his intrinsic knowledge on the MNC banking operation insights and his ability to unfold and link extreme ends of diverse subjects.

    My rating is 3.75/5
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  2.  REDible Banker! 20 December, 2014 On
    Flipping through 301 pages, reality and imagination catch your attention but intermittently. Whether its about work pressure faced by bankers or corporate jugglery of bringing expat CEOs or the unsuspecting ways of naxal sympathisers, the author has some aces up his sleeves.

    With ample servings of imagined happenings juxtaposed against banking regulations and laxity in compliance, the work at times compels the reader to connect the dots with some real life incidents.

    Touching upon modern day happenings, dollops of extramarital moments and online flirting adds colour to the content but does not gel with the overall theme.

    The writing is racy at places but fails to sustain the momentum in all the chapters, especially with an overdose of corporate politics and back-stabbing.

    Expectations of readers are ignited in the first three pages itself. As you complete the last page, you might feel things ended rather too abruptly but nevertheless, the narration helps you to complete the read without frowning brows.

    Not too great a work to be remembered. But surely a good work to be enjoyed as long as you read.
    P.S :- I didn't buy this book from
    My rating is 4.1/5
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