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India's Struggle for Independence

India's Struggle for Independence

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Penguin India
This is the first major study to examine every one of the varied strands of the epic struggle individually and colelctively and present it in a new and coherent narrative and analytical framework. Basing themselves on oral and other primary sources and years of research, the authors take the reader through every step of the independence struggle from the abortive Revolt of 1857 to the final victory of 1947. More important while incorporating existing historiographical advances, the book evolves a new and lucid view of the history of the period which will endure.
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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars
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     India's Struggle for Independence 21 September, 2013 On
    The book is quit intense , It's has 39 chapters and almost all catering to distinct events . After reading i am embarrassed to admit how less i knew about our freedom struggle . It's isn't a GK book with who when what sort of details ,though much more than it . It gives you the big picture and attempts to answer the obvious whys .Its sad that some of the fundamental ideas of the book will be limited to the audience of the book , i believe school kids should be exposed to some of the ideas albeit in a simpler form

    As with history many parallels can be drawn with the present , now i more than ever despise the 'smart' media channels , most of the so-called experts,commentators know nothing about anything it seems.

    The book starts with Tribal uprisings and Revolt of 1857 and ends with partition of India covering almost a century though not uniformly on time scale.

    If this is how History is supposed to be then i love it . Chapters on rise of communalism is a must read for everyone.

    India's struggle for Independence is Indispensable for students and for all those who want to know our past in order to understand our present (Views of Indian Express)
    When I brought this book I had a second thought on whether to read it or not. But as they say don't judge a book by its cover. I did (by cover and note).
    First impression which got when I read a note mentioned inside: I found the name of the authors mentioned on the cover in the descending order of thr contribution (in terms of chapters). Its written in archaic style with detailed, unbiased and root analysis of all past events.
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  2.  Informative book at most affordable price 10 July, 2012 On
    My book was delivered within 24 hrs. Print and Paper quality is good. The content is useful to all who is interested in history of modern India for educational or other purposes.
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