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India's biggest cover up

India's biggest cover up

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Language English
Contributor(s) Anuj Dhar
Binding Hardcover
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Overview: India's biggest cover up

Are you interested in knowing about the lesser known facts in the history of our country and its people who were a part of the freedom struggle? Well, you are at the right place as we at have brought for you an amazing piece of history, carved out beautifully by an amazing writer and journalist Anuj Dhar. The history of the country interests each and every citizen of the country and these untold and lost events in the evergreen path of our freedom struggle will help you connect the lines of thoughts and will make you realise the cost and importance of the independence we enjoy in today's India. The book is at its best to satisfy your never ending urge for knowledge and unknown information about the lost and the last chapters of the history of British India.

About the Product

India's Biggest Cover Up is a spin-off of Dhar's previous book, Back From Dead: Inside The Subhas Bose Mystery, which was discharged in 2005. Emulating that, Dhar and his associates had started their examination to figure out the purpose for Subhash Chandra Bose's passing, and asked for additional data from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Indian Prime Minister's Office, and the Ministry of External Affairs. They additionally looked for data from outside governments through the Freedom of Information Act and the Right to Information Act. This book includes 13 parts alongside six informative supplements. It likewise has an excess of 200 photos, and 90 top-mystery reports that give an entire new viewpoint on the demise of Netaji. Dhar presents the pursuers with experiences into why he accepts that Pranab Mukherjee assumed a part in Bose's perplexing demise. Dhar clarifies that how Mukherjee supposedly travelled to Germany, and endeavoured to reward Bose's wife into giving a composed endorsement to take the fiery remains from Renkoji Temple, Japan, to India as Bose's powder. India's Biggest Cover Up additionally furnishes the pursuers with a unique duplicate of the archive in which the Indian government expresses that Bose's passing happened because of a plane accident. It additionally gives out data about previous IB Director B. N. Mullik, who lied under pledge that the IB had never snooped on Shaulmari baba, who was viewed as Netaji by a lot of people. Notwithstanding, this book contains certain top mystery records of the Intelligence Bureau that Mullik had by and by identified with Jawaharlal Nehru about, concerning certain unimportant matters about Shaulmari baba.

About the Author

Anuj Dhar is an Indian author and a former journalist. In addition to this book, the author has published a number of books on the death of Subhash Chandra Bose which occurred on 18 August 1945, when a Japanese plane crashed in Taiwan. However, Dhar maintains in his books that no plane crash had taken place and that Bose actually died in the 1980s after living as a hermit monk in Faizabad. Dhar is also the founder-trustee of the New Delhi-based not for profit organisation, Mission Netaji.

Shopping at, one of the most visited and largest shopping sites of the country and the only one stop destination of its kind. We have brought for you an amazing piece of history that you will enjoy reading. Grab a copy of this book from and help yourself to satisfy the urge for knowledge. Start now, before we are out of stocks!

Features: India's biggest cover up

  • History
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 2013
Publisher Vitasta Publishing
Contributor(s) Anuj Dhar
Binding Hardcover
Edition 2012
Page Count 448
ISBN 10 9380828691
ISBN 13 9789380828695
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Overall Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Big Daddy Of All Suspense Thriller 28 October, 2012 On
    Only some authors have capacity to send you for a time travel, but rare are the ones who accompany you in that time travel as your guide. Shri Anuj Dhar is one of those rare species ( of authors). In India’s Biggest Cover up , the language is simple to understand and facts are easy to digest. During reading you will find as if author is talking to you individually, as if he is giving you an account of some important incident. He knows beforehand the questions going to arise in the mind of his readers, so he is ready with the answers in very next paragraph. He is not just giving some rare information but instead presenting facts, because facts require proofs, which he has given via photo copies of several important documents, some of which belong to “TOP SECRET” class.
    For reading India’s Biggest Cover up you need not be a NETAJI’s fan/follower. According to me population of any country is divided into two classes (1) Nationalists (2) so called “Citizens of the world”. First I would like to tell something to “Citizens Of World” – the book offers you an insight on variety of methods followed by variety of people, over a time span of six decades (Unity in Diversity), to cover up Patriotism, Dedication/Service towards Nation and Nationalism of a MAN who in actual defined what Nationalism is, not just by preaching but by putting it in practice.
    If you are Nationalist than after reading book you will be forced to introspect and self doubt your Nationalism. The doubt would arise naturally as you would feel guilty because of your unawareness/ignorance towards injustice and betrayal done to one of the greatest sons of “MAA BHARATI”. At end of the book, reader will ask oneself regarding what should be done so as to bring out the truth. Here again author knows what is going in his reader’s mind and so he has came out with a solution also.
    Anuj Dhar and his friends have done a great NATIONAL SERVICE by bringing out facts to our knowledge. Hats Off to them for such a great research and dedication towards this subject.The book is a must read for all Indians.
    Netaji is a selfless soldier, who always served his Nation and his countrymen, sometimes served them even not letting them know ( this sometimes occurred many times)Indians have a moral obligation to bring out the truth, so that present and future generations of India know the value of INDEPENDENCE and price paid by such Great men to achieve it.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  2.  A Must read! 7 May, 2013 On
    An authentic account of SC Bose's disappearance and the mystery shrouding it. Read the complete review of this book here:
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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