Interactive Storybook Series 3 - Nintendo DS

Interactive Storybook Series 3 - Nintendo DS

ESRB Rating Everyone
Platform Nintendo DS
Video Game Region REGION FREE
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Overview: Interactive Storybook Series 3 - Nintendo DS

Featuring the following stories: The Golden Axe and the Silver Axe, The Old Man Cherry Blossom, The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats and A Dog of Flanders. Your kids may never want to put this title down once they start playing, and for once, you will be okay with that! By bringing together several timeless classics and putting an innovative interactive twist on them, young children will expand their minds and imaginations, as the stories come to life like never before. Utilizing the unique features of the Nintendo DS, along with several fun and educational mini-games that are linked to the stories, and you got yourself a gift that will lead your loved ones on a path to learning!

Features: Interactive Storybook Series 3 - Nintendo DS

  • These Classic Stories offer humor, fun and a moral message that any parent of any culture or generation would appreciate. All included stories are timeless and will continued to be passed on from generation after generation, albeit with a positive twist.
  • Interaction: Every page of these stories contain interactive elements that fully utilize the power of the Nintendo DS, bringing still animations to life.
  • Reading-Out-Loud: Every story is read out loud by a professional voice over actress, allowing the parent and child more time to interact with one another.
  • There are several mini-games within this title that links to the stories. Each game has a lasting appeal, and an educational touch - meaning every moment spent will not be a moment wasted.
  • Also, included is a coloring book, musical instrument with recording ability, a numbers counting game and a free-form drawing book.
Product Details
ESRB Rating Everyone
Manufacturer Tommo
Platform Nintendo DS
Video Game Region REGION FREE
Maximum Age 20 years
Minimum Age 5 years
Release Date October 30, 2007
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 12.1 cm x 13.3 cm x 1.3 cm
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