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Intex Opti Wonder Plus USB Mouse

Intex Opti Wonder Plus USB Mouse

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Interface USB

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Product Description

The function of a computer mouse is to act as a pointer on a desktop or a laptop screen. Once connected to your computer, a mouse helps to move the cursor on the graphical user interface of the computer system. It is a small device that has two buttons, the right button and the left one and one wheel for scrolling up and down webpages and documents. Mouse clicks can be combined with certain keys on the keyboard and also on its own, a computer mouse performs specific tasks such as selection, drag and drop, scrolling up and down pages, page changing and a multitude of other functions. The computer graphics professionals use a mouse to drag, draw and even use the pointer of the mouse as a paintbrush. The slim and sleek Intex optical USB mouse is one such trendy product that is a must buy. It is a stylish and utilitarian mouse that has another advantage too. It is a simple plug and play device and it does not require a driver installation. It looks good and will perfectly complement your existing computer. So do not wait anymore. Shop for the Intex Optical USB Mouse, Piano Model online today and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Optical Mouse against a Touchpad

Both mouse and touchpads have very similar functions. They both are used to change the position of the pointer or the cursor on the desktop or a laptop monitor. However, when compared to a touchpad, a mouse is more convenient as a touchpad can cause a lot of problems for new users. On a touchpad, you have to drag your finger to change the position of the cursor, thus a mouse is easy to operate. A mouse provides easy selecting and clicking options and also a wider range of motion. In the earlier days, a computer mouse had two keys and a scroll and a ball was placed on the lower end of the mouse. This ball helped the mouse and thereby the cursor to move. Today there are optical mouse available that do not use a ball and are lighter and more precise. This mouse is a similar one and has features that are sure to impress you.

Product Features

Technological advancements and their incorporation in computer peripherals have made mouse extremely user-friendly. The optical mouse that are available today can be operated by children, without any hassle. mouse are really useful devices, especially for those people who have to use various specialised software programmes which require a mouse for proper and comfortable operations. Thus, for animation professionals, gamers and anyone whose work requires using the computer extensively, an optical mouse is a must-have product. The mouse is made of sturdy and well-insulated plastic and it is completely lead-free. The slim design adds another feature to the already feature-rich mouse. This particular mouse has a shiny black finish and thus it looks good. The right key, the red scroll and the left key fit perfectly into the ergonomic design of the mouse. The mouse is light in weight and it will not feel bulky in your hands, when you use it. Even your child will be able to use it without any problems because of its light-weight design. You can buy this mouse for yourself or even for your office requirements. This mouse is a perfect companion for gamers as well. The strong laser is unlikely to malfunction and will be a perfect companion for you while you are working on your computer or laptop. This mouse can be easily connected to a laptop or a desktop computer. If you have a laptop and you are tired of using the touchpad, then this mouse is just the thing for you. If you have a desktop and you want to replace your old mouse, then this is the mouse that you should opt for. Another advantage of owning this mouse is that you will not have to install a separate driver for it. It is a plug-and-play device. This mouse is an optical one and thus you will not have to worry about the problems and hassles associated with a ball-end mouse. So why wait anymore? Buy Intex optical mouse online now.

Key Highlights

Light in weight

800 DPI

Plug-and-play device

Optical mouse

Ergonomic design

Black in colour

Product Details
Manufacturer Intex Recreation
Brand Intex
Model Number DAE-31-INTEX Optical Mouse
Colour Black
Technical Specification
Interface USB

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