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Car Inverter Dc To Ac Power Converter USB Charger Port 12v/24v

Car Inverter Dc To Ac Power Converter USB Charger Port 12v/24v

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Product Description

Overview of Car Inverter Dc To Ac Power Converter USB Charger Port 12v

a must have product for all the charger hungry individuals. Smart phones are in need of power almost all the time, and having a charger in your car is a necessary this days.

About the product. This product basically converts the Direct Current, from the car battery to the Alternative Current. Why do we need Alternate Current? The electronic products that we use in day to day life require AC power supply, which is found in our homes. While, the car requires DC power, to use the power from the car battery, one needs to convert it to AC supply.

This product converts DC power to AC power, which powers devices such as a mobile phone, video game, music player, portable charger etc. The latest products such as a smart phone, tablet, palmtop, which works on 12 v rating can be powered using this device. Though, a laptop cannot be powered using this device. This product requires no installation process and just can be plugged and be ready to use. It contains a plug which avoids the device from overheating. Any electronic product which requires power up to 40 watts can be charged using this invertor. It can be used to charge more than two devices at one time. It has a USB slot, and a 3 pin slot, which is a great addition as it gives more portability to the users. The company provides 6 months of warranty on the device.

About the brand

Aeoss is an Indian company which specializes in manufacturing electronic accessories. Its range of products, include IP cameras, HD convert data cables, Media boxes, and networking equipments

Worry not about the battery in your device. Carry a brand new 'DC to AC power convertor' and charge your devices in your car on the go. You can avail this magnificent device on at a very affordable price brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

Product Features

  • USB Charger Port 12v
  • DC to AC 12V to 220V
  • Over heat protection
  • DC to AC Power Car Inverter is for powering your portable CD player, Video Games, TVs, Radio, and Stereo.
  • Powers up any electrical device up to 40 watts

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