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Irvine Power Bank Backup Battery

Irvine Power Bank Backup Battery

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Product Description

The Irvine-Mobile-Backup-5200-mAh-Battery is a perfect solution for the problem of smart phones being devoid of battery and no socket in sight. Today's age is of multimedia and your phone is your ticket to the world. The mobile phone today is not only a communication device which is used to talk or message. The world has become even smaller with the invention of smart phones. You are just one swipe away from talking to friends or family member live across the continent. Presentations are no longer chained to the desktop, you are able to create presentations on the run from anywhere, thereby enjoying a freedom like never before and taking multitasking to a whole different level. When your life is entwined and depended on your phone to this extent it is extremely dangerous and troublesome to end up without a phone for a longtime because the battery is dead.

The Mobile back up battery is a very smart choice for all the people of today who live on run and like to be connected to all that is happening around them. This power bank can be charged at nearly double the speed than those available therefore proving to be fast and efficient. Not only it is a competent piece of electronic device but it is also easy on eye due to its aesthetics which have been designed to make it look smart and sleek. The black color adds to its personality and makes it very classy and easy to blend with any other piece of device or furniture. The compact size makes it very convenient to carry and therefore one does not have to think twice before traveling with it locally or abroad.

It provides Ninety Two percent conversion efficiency and is a whole new A grade cell. The Mobile - Back up Battery supports 5V/2.1A input which results in the fast charge. Another attractive feature of this backup battery is that it has twelve percent higher real capacity when it is compared to the similar nominal capacity. The power management program of this battery is advanced thereby giving you and added benefit for your phone and tablet charging needs. The designing of this back up battery has been done keeping in mind the importance of protecting the electronic product from over charge or from charging it more than necessary. It even has provisions for keeping your expensive phones and tablets safe from high temperature and over current or high voltage while charging.

The technical specifics of the backup battery include a double USB and 5v/1A and 5V/2.1A output. With so many different types and kinds of mobile phones and tablets available in the market the standard interface charging cable is very handy as it supports almost all mobile phones and Tablets. The four Led Lights provided give a clear indication of the power remaining. This Irvine-Mobile-Backup-5200-mAh-Battery comes with a one year warranty and is currently available at at a fantastic price.

Product Details
Manufacturer Irvine
Brand Irvine
Model Number Irvine-Mobile-Backup-5200-mAh-Battery
Colour Name Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 0.5 grams

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  1.  Irvine Power Bank backup battery 25 December, 2013 On
    I have been using the Irvine Power Bank Backup Battery purchased from [...] for around 3 months and this has come very handy when your phone or ipad battery dries up. Once fully charged it charged 3 times my mobile smartphone. Its worth the money and must to have for all people and professionals who just cant afford switch-off of their mobile or tablet.
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