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Format Video CD
Actor(s) Fardeen Khan, arbaaz Khan, anjana Sukhani, kunal Khemu, dia Mirza, rajesh Khattar
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Product Description

Puneet Sira directed this movie that was released in the year 2009. It features actors like Fardeen Khan, Dia Mirza, Arbaaz Khan, Anjana Sukhani and Kunal Khemu. The renowned English action film Bulletproof that was originally released in 1996 inspires the plot of the film. The title of the film is based on its two main characters Jai and Veeru (the names inspired by the characters if the famous movie Sholay).

Jai played by Fardeen Khan is an undercover cop while Veeru played by Kunal Khemu is a criminal who works for a drug dealer by the name of Tejpal, played by Arbaaz Khan. Both Jai and Veeru are best friends and unaware of their professions and keep their work hidden from each other. Jai is working undercover to gather more evidence on Tejpal. Soon as Jai and his team figure out Tejpal�s hideout and attack on his house to arrest him, Veeru who is present there shoots at his friend by mistake.

Fortunately Jai survives this accident while Veeru runs away from the city. But soon the police manage to arrest Veeru and take him under his custody while Jai is assigned the task to attest him as a solid witness against Tejpal. Although they are both miffed with each other, they soon realize that their friendship is beyond all this and they cannot fight against each other. They figure out the best to get out their troubles is by bringing Tejpal down. Veeru reveals that he may have an access to Tejpal�s diary that has all the secrets of his business empire and his clients including their locations. Both the friends decide to confront Tejpal and get his diary.

During their heated arguments, Veeru is shot at by Tejpal while Jai quickly managed to get a good shot at Tejpal and kill him. Mean while Jai ensures that Veeru runs away from the crimes scene before the police arrive. The police arrests Jai for supporting his criminal friend Veeru and letting him flee from the scene. The movie also has two actresses Dia and Anjana who play the love interest of Jia and Veeru respectively. The movie also has great music that is produced by Bappi Lahiri while the lyrics of the songs are by Shravan Kuman. What happens next? Will Jai end up in Jail? Will Veeru rescue his friend and stand up for him? To know what happens next bring home the video CD of this film and get your good dose of entertainment.

Product Details
Theatrical Release Date January 1, 2009
Format Video CD
Genre Drama - romantic, romance
Actor(s) Fardeen Khan, arbaaz Khan, anjana Sukhani, kunal Khemu, dia Mirza, rajesh Khattar
Director(s) PUNEET SIRA
Producer(s) Narendra Bajaj
No of Discs 2

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