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JBG Home Store Combo of Sofa Cover Set With Table Cover And Set of 5 Cushion Covers(Combo of 16)

JBG Home Store Combo of Sofa Cover Set With Table Cover And Set of 5 Cushion Covers(Combo of 16)

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One's home is the ultimate place for peace and tranquility. It is a busy world, people everywhere are trying to make their living by working hard day and night. A fact these days is that a majority of people spend more time outside their homes working and doing their daily toils. The basic desire of a man is essentially to go home at the end of the day and relax in a very calm atmosphere. After a mundane day, it will definitely be a blessing to enter a home which looks beautiful and makes you feel fresh all over again. Nobody wants to enter a house which looks dull and makes you feel even more tired. Hence, decorating one's home and keeping it lively becomes very mandatory. Looking for the right items to suit the furniture that you have and also to match your personal taste at the same time becomes all the more exhausting. Hence, to the rescue comes this remarkable combo offer Sofa set ,Table and Cushion Covers by JBG Home Store. Having a look at these products your search will definitely come to an end. This is the ultimate set of decorating item that everyone will ever want.


JBG Home Store is a very renowned online shopping store. It is the ultimate destination for people who are looking to change and keep their home beautiful. It offers a varied range of items. Every product is specifically designed keeping in mind the taste of the customers. From various materials to various colours, you can find a wide range of products. The Sofa covers along with the table covers and the cushion covers are amazing. They are made of quality material and lasts longer too. The maker has put in much effort in designing these products,  and has make sure to put the perfect combination of colour. JBG Home Store is a very leading brand known basically for the kind of good service that they give their customers. Their prime area of focus to to produce and bring to the masses quality products.


JBG Home Store has come up with their beautiful creation and a combo offer of a sofa cover set with table cover and set of 5 cushion covers. It is a combo offer of sixteen. The collection is very classy and stylish. People are very concerned about the interior décor of their homes these days. This whole new range of the combo set is very affordable. The furnishing of the house basically defines one's personality. This combo set is very graceful and anyone will love it immediately at the first glance. This set is delicately crafted with high quality fibres because of which the newness of the product will remain for a longer period. The print on it is very impressive at the same time. The look of the set is very authentic and graceful. The set will definitely bring a charming effect to any any sofa and table that you own.


  • The Set contains a combo of Sofa cover set, a table cover and five cushions.
  • It is available in the colour Red
  • It is printed
  • Huge effort has been made on the design of the set
  • The set can be used on any type of furniture
  • Adds an edge to the entire look of the house
  • This set has a combo of 16 pieces.
  • Length: The sofa's seat cover is 67 inches, its chair seat cover is 27 inches, its back cover is 27 inches, its chair back cover is 27 inches, the table cover is 53 inches and the cushion cover is of 16 inches.
  • Width: The sofa seat cover is of 27 inches, its back cover is 27 inches, its chair seat cover is of 22 inches, chair back cover of the sofa is of 22 inches, the table cover is of 33 inches and the cushion cover is of 16 inches.


JBG Home Store's combo of sofa set cover along with a table cover and cushion covers is of premium quality. The maintenance is very simple. Since the fabric used in the set is very good, it will not wear and tear easily. However, it is best advised to hand wash the set in luke warm water. Machine drying may be done on an occasional basis. Detergent used should be mild and not chemically strong. Small precautions by the customer can be taken in order to protect the set from stains. If stained it can be washed at home easily. Nothing can get easier than this. A perfect set with an edgy and classy look will definitely go a long way to make your home an ideal place to live.

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