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JBL CS-6 6-1/2" Two-Way Car Audio Loudspeaker
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JBL CS-6 6-1/2" Two-Way Car Audio Loudspeaker

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Product Description

Now make listening to music more interesting while driving by installing these specially designed JBL audio speakers. Whether you are going for a long drive or a family picnic now tune into your favourite songs with these dual speakers. The smart design of these speakers allow you to fix them inside the car. The compact design of these speakers will not occupy much space in your car. Moreover, the fine blend of style and technology will give you a new experience of listening to your favourite songs while on the go. The unique design of these car loudspeakers enable the user to listen to every beat of your favourite song. The compact size and design of these speakers ensures that they can filter the shrill sound easily.

About the Brand

This pair of car loudspeakers has been designed by JBL. Till date this globally recognised brand has designed a wide range of high quality music systems for their users. Be it portable loud speakers or loudspeakers for a car, the innovative design of this brand makes it one of the most reputed and popular name amongst the music lovers. If you want to enjoy your favourite songs in a special and smart way, then this brand is worth considering. This time, JBL is back with this pair of two way car loudspeakers. Be it a radio programme or the song from your CD player, now enrich your music listening experience with them.

Material and Design

This pair of premium quality speakers feature special titanium-laminate tweeters. These tweeters deliver crystal clear and perfect sound. Along with this, these speakers measure around 6-1/2-inch (165-millimetres) with a special two way design. This design ensures that the user can listen to his favourite songs clearly from any corner of the room.

The presence of two-way JBL® CS-6 multi element allows these speakers to eliminate the shrill and unwanted road noise. These speakers consume 135 watts of peak powers. For a better bass, the expert designers have incorporated Plus One® (U.S. patent no. 7,548,631) low-frequency cones over-deliver design. These specially designed speakers from JBL provide a frequency response of 55Hz-20kHz with a nominal impedance 4 ohms.

The cone design of these speakers facilitates the users to install it inside different types of cars. Being equipped with special Vented motor structures, these speakers deliver sharp and high quality sound for hours. This vented design eliminates the possibility of overheating when the user will play them for hours. Whether you are playing a classical or rock music, now enjoy every song and sound track in a special way by installing these speakers in your car.

The simple and user friendly design of these speakers make them more popular among the users. Though theses speakers deliver loud sound, they do not consume much power. This advanced technology of delivering crystal clear sound with a low power consumption makes it efficient and ready to install in your car.

If you want to enjoy a nonstop music session while driving your car, at a low power consumption rate, then this pair of speakers is the right choice for you. Now bring the blessing of latest technology  of speaker designing to make your music sessions more special. If you want to get these high quality speakers for your car, buy JBL two way car audio loudspeaker online now.

Special features

These are CS-6 6-1/2-inch (165-millimetre) two-way speakers

Feature continuous (RMS) power-handling rating of 45 watts and peak power handling of 135 watts

Cone surface area for high quality bass input

The titanium-laminate tweeter in the CS-6 produces loud and crystal clear sound

These speakers come with CS-6's vented motor

This vented motor eliminates the possibility of overheating and over power consumption

Product Features

  • The CS-6 6-1/2-inch (165-millimetre) two-way speaker features a continuous (RMS) power-handling rating of 45 watts and peak power handling of 135 watts.
  • 30% more cone surface area for enhanced bass output
  • The titanium-laminate tweeter in the CS-6 produces bright, distinctive high-frequency sound that rises above the background road noise.
  • The CS-6's vented motor assemblies help dissipate heat effectively so that the unit can play loud without power compression.
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 0.5 grams
Product Dimensions 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm

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