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JBL In Ear Headphones - T200A (Red/Grey)

JBL In Ear Headphones - T200A (Red/Grey)

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Product Description

Headphones are the most useful thing. Headphones are the good friend that let us to enjoy the musical world and also helps in getting connected without any disturbance. A good looking headphone can make you stay smart without using your old or bad looking phone. For attending calls or for listening audio, you can simply keep your phone in pocket and style with cool looking affordable headphones. If you have cool smartphone than you cannot stay yourself without a headphone, here it becomes essential to have a cool headphone with profound special features. So, it can be said that in all conditions its is extremely preferable to have a smart headphone. Headphone should not only look cool but it should also be comfortable. JBL T-200 A Wired Stereo Headset In Ear Headphone is a perfect choice for those who are looking for comfortable perfect device. JBL headphones are designed by a reputed firm that make constant efforts in developing smashing cool products for the customers which can help them in minimising cost.

JBL T-200 A Wired Stereo Headset In Ear Headphone has made its amazing place in the market because of its smashing and good looking design. Manufacturer have emphasized on customer's benefit and their demand. JBL has created JBL T-200 A Wired Stereo Headset In Ear Headphone to satisfy customer who wishes to have something perfect in their hands, that can adore the beautiful ears with splashing color combination. Specially curved design can be seen on the JBL T-200 A Wired Stereo Headset In Ear Headphone which is perfect for the ear. Its design make it suitable for wearing in ear. While designing experts have focused on the curved designs of the product and structure of ear both things are focused for having a better result. Size of JBL T-200 A Wired Stereo Headset In Ear Headphone has been emphasized for having a perfect fit in the ear. It is designed with hard cup at the outer side and for the inner side there are soft material used which will not harm your ear. Inner portion has been designed in such a manner which offers good comfort level to the ear. JBL JBL headphone has a combination of beautiful grey and lovely red. Both the colors are used together to provide a cool combo of colors.

JBL T-200 A Wired Stereo Headset In Ear Headphone is not only looks good but its other features are also very nice. JBL JBL headphone has a powerful sound base. Its PureBass sound performance will surely amaze you. This stereo headset has 'three pairs of silicon sleeves' without latex, which increases its performance and upgrades it features from other general ear phones. You can find an incline mic -remote that helps in answering calls or ending calls. So, you are not required to take out phone every time from your pocket or purse for answering any call. Simply use this ear phone for having better experience. Thus, by using an ear phone your hands get free for other work.

JBL T-200 A Wired Stereo Headset In Ear Headphone is empowered with capacity to give soothing music to your ears. It takes care of you ear and balance the bass level. While designing it focus has been given to protect ear, as much as it can. Although, ear protection has been emphasized but it is in your hand how much volume do you prefer. High volume may harm your hearing power. So, always try to listen low volume. JBL JBL headphone is a wired ear phone which remains near you neck, if you are not using it then too. You can keep this headphone anywhere easily. For avoiding tangling of ear phone wire you can just fold the wire and keep it near you. It can be easily folded and kept in pocket for future use. It is not heavy and does not need much space and protection but for keeping it in use for longer period you are required to keep it protected from dust, water and dirt.

Product Features

  • Powerful JBL Sound
  • Exciting color combinations
  • PureBass Performance
  • Mic/remote for calls
Product Details
Manufacturer JBL
Brand JBL
Model Number JBL T200A RED/GREY
Colour Name Red/grey
Technical Specification
Special Features In-ear

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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