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JBL GTO 949 Car Speaker

JBL GTO 949 Car Speaker

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Product Description

With the huge flurry of technology, the present generation has been blessed with extremely useful electronic devices that really make one's life easy. With the growth and advancement in various fields, people are tending to become busier. Everyone is extremely busy with the daily toils of their life that they often get stressed. Stress has definitely or rather has become one of the major issues of the modern world. It has taken a toll on the day to day life of the people. At such a time, to relax and to unwind becomes extremely mandatory for a person. However, it is quite true that whenever we tend to get tired and stressed, it is music that tends to take away our stress. Often people tend to find calm on listening to their favourite music. Music, no doubt has wonderful healing properties. It tends to soothe one's anxiety in a blink. It is also true that we cannot imagine a world without any form of music. These days people are highly busy, so the question arises, as to when does one get the time to listen to music, in order to relax. It is indeed on travelling in one's car that a person gets time to actually listen to his favourite music! This has become very common, we get so little time for ourselves that it is only when we are driving that we tend to switch on the FM or the music player to catch up with our loved songs. Speakers however, are one of the most essential items that help in making the entire experience of listening to music in our cars absolutely great.  Since the globe is becoming extremely conscious about the brands of the products that they own, and at the same time since there are too many products in the market it often becomes a big challenge to get the best device for oneself. For those who are looking for the perfect speakers for their car, your search is sure to end with the JBL GTO 949 Car Speaker. It is the most perfect speaker that you can ever get for your priceless car.


JBL is a well known brand dealing with electronic products of great quality. They specialise in bringing to the customers, high standard products that are extremely genuine. Demand and needs of the customers are taken into account by the experts of the company. Customer satisfaction is the prime area of focus of the company and it is commendable as to how efficiently the company deals with the queries and various problems of the customers. These days, there is a huge rise in the demand of the products by JBL. Their products are very durable and at the same time have great functionality. With the products of JBL you can never go wrong. They are absolutely worth buying and you can shop online with great convenience.


Car Speaker by JBL is a splendid product that you can install in your car. It is one of the most essential products that are needed in a car. JBL GTO 949 Car Speaker has a very attractive three way design, and it has tweeters that are edge driven for bright and clear high frequency. This product comes with a year of manufacturer warranty. The design is extremely trendy and it will sure add a lot of style to your car. The product is light in weight and can be easily installed in your car. The sound quality of the speakers is the most noteworthy aspect of the product. You can relax and chill in your car with the great music that the speaker provides. The whole experience of listening to music shall be taken to a higher level by the speaker set. This product is an extremely wonderful product that will continue to entertain you for many years.


Electronic devices need a fair amount of care and maintenance. However, JBL GTO 949 Car Speaker does not require much maintenance. It is quite necessary that a few precautions be taken while dealing with this device. Like all other electronic devices, keep the speaker away from water. Do not spill any form of water on them. Avoid exposing the speaker to extreme temperature of heat and humidity. You can clean the device by wiping it with a soft cotton cloth or a brush. The product comes with a user manual and it is highly recommended that you read it thoroughly before installing it. This product is extremely durable and genuine and will never fail to entertain you.

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Brand JBL
Item Package Quantity 1

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