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JBL Pebbles Portable Speaker (Black)

JBL Pebbles Portable Speaker (Black)

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Product Description

The only brand which comes to mind if you are thinking of superior quality sound and music, is undoubtedly JBL. Its latest product, the much hyped JBL Pebbles Portable Speaker (Black) is a perfect tailor-made electronic gadget which can be attached to a computer or television at home. You can experience crystal clear sound with this device. Apart from larger sources like computers and television, you can even plug this JBL Portable Speaker with mobile phones and MP3 players. The manageable size and its lightweight feature add to the USP of the product. Shop JBL Pebbles Portable Speaker (Black) now from the comfort of your room.

Product Description

This JBL Pebbles Portable Speaker (Black) emits stereo quality sound and also supports a built-in MP3 Player. The electrifying black shade and the uniquely crafted design of the product catches your eye at the first go.This JBL Pebbles Portable Speaker (Black) is also Bluetooth enabled and Aux In connector. It's remarkable to find such an electronic musical gadget at such an economical rate and that too accompanied by such mind-blowing features. This is a must-buy for all music lovers who like to carry music wherever they travel.

The Body

The body of the JBL Pebbles Portable Speaker (Black) is featured with high quality plastic which reduces possibilities of corrosion and damage in case of accidental falls, bumps and shocks. The front area is featured with a vibrant orange rim and the speaker is silver in colour. The bottom surface of the product is flattened in order to ensure concrete fixing of the product on the surface on which it is placed. The black body catches the attention of any prospective buyer at the very first go. On the side of the speaker the brand logo is imprinted for additional brand authentication.

The Mechanism

This particular range of JBL Portable Speaker is featured with hi-tech and advanced circuit and chip set system which provides high quality performance to the user. It ensures cutting off unwanted and undesired ambient noise which would otherwise hamper the real flavour of the sound. The pair of speakers from the house of JBL can be easily carried around.

Maintenance and Durability

This electrifying JBL Portable Speaker is durable and would serve your purpose for a long period of time. You only need to ensure the fact that it is not kept in a careless and unattended manner when not in use. Other than that, this JBL Portable Speaker comes with a manufacturer's warranty which gets activated from the day of purchase. Any grievance reported against a particular model gets addressed immediately.

Buy JBL Pebbles Portable Speaker (Black) online to rediscover sound in the very best way possible. Grab it as soon as possible from the comfort of your home and get it delivered within the matter of a few working days. Experience the difference yourself as you start using this awesome product. You will surely fall in love with it and will immerse your soul in the sea of music.

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