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JBL Wireless Bluetooth Desktop Speakers (JBL Jembe BT)
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JBL Wireless Bluetooth Desktop Speakers (JBL Jembe BT)

Lowest online price: 7,891
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology with HARMAN TrueStream
  • Built-In 6 Watt Power Amplifier
  • Slipstream port technologies for great-sounding bass with low distortion.

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Product Description

JBL Jembe Wireless Bluetooth Speakers can be connected with a sound processing system through a Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack. JBL Jembe BT speaker is manufactured by JBL. JBL is an American electric company established in 1946. Recently Harman International takes over this company. JBL has two divisions JBL consumer and JBL professional. JBL speakers and audio systems are used in top level vehicles. JBL Jembe portable speaker is wireless speaker. It uses Bluetooth to make connection with audio processing system.

Technology used in JBL Jembe Speaker

JBL Jembe Wireless Bluetooth Speaker uses slipstream port technologies. This port is a low frequency port specially designed for working with 3 series woofer for proper bass feedback at all playback levels. Shape of the port is double flared which is exactly evaluated for extreme low frequency extension and it also reduces irregular atmospheric interference.

JBL Jembe BT speaker does not require any wire to be connected with audio system. It uses integrated Bluetooth technology. You will enjoy same sound quality with this wireless speaker and stream audio using enabled Bluetooth device. This speaker uses Bluetooth technology with HARMAN Truestream. Harman Truestream gives the assurance to produce best quality of sound. It also ensures that source device or application will not affect the sound quality. Bluetooth 0.2v technology is used by this speaker. In addition it can also be connected through auxiliary cables.

JBL Jembe Speaker is a portable speaker due to the use of Bluetooth technology. There is no connection of cables so you need not to be worried about the length of cable. You can move and place the speaker anywhere within the range of the Bluetooth connection. There is another issue which is very problematic that is noise problem due to cables in wired speakers. If the cables are displaced then it creates disturbance in sound. But this JBL Jembe speaker is wireless so noise problems can be avoided easily and sound will be much clearer and breathtaking then wired speakers.

JBL Jembe portable Bluetooth Speaker provides frequency response of 80 to 20000HZ. This speaker provides output of 80 Decibels. Each JBL Jembe wireless speaker requires 6 watt power supply to work. It has a dual mode facility. It can be enables to work using AC and DC both electric connections. That means it can be operated using any kind of electric connections. This speaker also reduces power consumption efficiently.

Benefits of using JBL Jembe Portable Speaker

JBL Jembe portable speaker produces a high quality sound. Quality of sound system or applications are does not affect the sound produced by JBL speakers. Advantage of this speaker is it can be used through Bluetooth as well as instead of Bluetooth you can use cable also. But wireless speakers save spaces and removes distortion in sound due to the displacement or others fault in cables. Another facility provides by this speaker is it can be operated using AC or DC electrical connection. There is no restriction in electrical connection and it consumes less power and it saves energy when it is ideal too.

Price and other description of JBL Jembe Speaker

One packet contain one piece JBL Jembe Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. It has one year warranty and dimension of the speaker is 14.5 cm x 31.5 cm x 17 cm. The color of the speaker is black and it is stylish to look. Black color makes the speaker more gorgeous and it looks stylish too. The size of the speaker is reasonably small and it is light in weight. So it is easy to carry from one place to another place. And the main facility is it is wireless due to this advantage you can move the speaker anywhere. Original price of the speaker is Rs.5990.00. If you buy it online then there is 33 % discount on the original price. Lowest price in online is Rs. 3990.00 and this price is very much relevant to the speaker.

Product Features

  • Integrated Bluetooth technology with HARMAN TrueStream
  • Built-In 6 Watt Power Amplifier
  • Slipstream port technologies for great-sounding bass with low distortion.
  • Built-In Power-Saving Feature
  • Stylish JBL Weave Design
Product Details
Manufacturer JBL
Brand JBL
Model Number JBL Jembe BT
Colour Name Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 1 year
Technical Specification
Connectivity Technology wireless
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 14.5 cm x 31.5 cm x 17 cm

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Overall Rating 3.7 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Exceeds Expectations 9 September, 2013 On
    Along with sharing a physical likeness to the Hawaiin drums, these speakers have one more thing in common to them. They are both used for entertainment. I was a bit skeptical about the quality in the beginning, but when i wired these to my laptop all my doubts were "blown" away.

    These speakers are a god-send to students like me who want both form and functionality packed into a neat package. They are extremely portable too which is ideal in a hostel environment.

    My only complaint is the absence of a woofer, but I can make my peace with that.

    Overall, I love the performance and the side-benefits of these speakers and I would definitely recommend these to a friend.
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