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JK Green Copier Paper - A4, 70 GSM, 500 Sheets
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JK Green Copier Paper - A4, 70 GSM, 500 Sheets

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Product Description

An office can only run smoothly with the right set of equipment. Computers and other machines such as a scanner, a printer, a photocopier, etc. have become essential requirements in any office. However, one thing that has always been among the most basic and essential requirements in an office, irrespective of the industry, is the paper used. Even in this age of computer and electronics, the significance of regular paper sheets has not reduced. While a considerable part of the office work can be completed and stored digitally and sent or received through electronic means, hard copies cannot eliminated. If you are in charge of an office, a shop, a warehouse or an institute, or you run a business out of your home, you will definitely need photocopier paper sheets. Are you concerned about the quality of paper that you use while photocopying and printing? If your answer to the question is yes, then the JK A4 copier sheets are the right choice for you. The advantage that you have in this age of e-commerce is that you can buy JK GSM 70 Easy Copier sheets online. You will not have to leave the comfort of your office or your home, or waste time just because you have to buy copier sheets. You can place the order via any device that can access the Internet and get this set of 70 A4 sheets delivered to the address that you type in while ordering.

Features of the JK GSM 70 Easy Copier Sheets

JK provides 500 high-quality sheets in this pack of copier sheets. Each sheet of paper in this set of copier sheets is precisely cut in accordance with the A4 measurement. All the sheets of paper in the JK copier set are finely wrapped in a cover. The overall set measures 100 cm in length, 60 cm in breadth and 40 cm in thickness. Each paper is completely plain and white in colour. Both the surfaces of each sheet are suitable for photcopying. The papers in this set of A4 photocopy sheets are of GSM 7 quality.

Benefits of the JK Easy Copy GSM 70 A4 Photocopier Set

There are multiple benefits of owning a JK Easy Copy GSM 70 A4 photocopier set. Firstly, you will be adequately supplied with papers for a long time if you purchase this set of photocopy papers. This set comprises 500 sheets of A4 papers. So, depending upon your requirement, you will be relieved of buying and purchasing papers for sometime. If you have a photocopying business, then you can purchase multiple sets at once in order to be well stocked with the sheets, even if there are lots of customers. Another advantage that you get with JK's set of A4 papers is the good impression you will make on your clients and customers. The papers are of a high quality. Both surfaces are smooth and uniform. The papers have been specifically made for photocopying requirement. That is why they leave no dust or residue behind. This ensures that the photocopying machine can function without trouble for long. The paper prevents machine jamming and the wear and tear caused by constant photocopying is minimum. So why wait anymore? Shop online for the JK GSM 70 A4 photocopier paper set right away.

Maintenance and Care Tips for JK Photocopier Papers

Water, oil and any other liquid can spoil the GSM 70 papers and this set by JK Easy Copier is not different. Thus, you should always keep the bundle in a place where the probability of contact with any liquid is the least. You should also always keep the papers in the cover it comes in. Also, do make sure that you clean the surface of the photocopier before you make the first photocopy of the day. This will ensure that even the first copy that you take out is of good quality. Besides, it is also beneficial for the longevity of the machine.

About JK

J. K. Papers is a part of the J. K. Organisation. It was founded in 1918 and is headquartered is Delhi, India. The other companies in the group deal in software, tyres and cement. The quality of products developed by J. K. Papers is evident from the quality of the Easy Copier GSM 70 A4 photocopy sheets.

Key Highlights


500 sheets

GSM 70

Product Features

  • 70 gsm A4

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