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Jabra Red Dual Pair Bluetooth Headset JBRA2021

Jabra Red Dual Pair Bluetooth Headset JBRA2021

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Product Description

There are some phone calls that are invariably long. They may be interesting but they usually eat up a lot of your time. How do you strike a balance between talking to a loved one and getting things done on time? But with a Bluetooth headset, you could have both. With the Jabra Wave Red Dual Pair Bluetooth Headset, you could have that and more.

The design is sleek and stylish - a sporty red, with black buttons and light-colored earplugs. You can never go wrong with the safe black-and-red combination! One of the disadvantages of talking over the phone is that you often have background noise at your end interfering with your conversation. Earplugs certainly take care of that problem. The Jabra Bluetooth headset completely blocks out other interfering noises so you can talk in peace.

But we all know that even earphones get uncomfortable after a point. They dig into your ear and if you push them in too much, they can get pretty painful too. But this Bluetooth headset is an improvement on the behind-the-ear style. The headset sits comfortably behind your ear and is hardly painful.

It's quite easy to carry the headset around too. So you can wear it to work to attend those important phone calls while you're on a break. The sound quality is great; you can hear every word clearly.

Some of the cool features of this red Bluetooth headsetinclude a voice alert when the connection between your phone and the headset is interrupted and another to inform you if you need to charge it. But don't worry, the battery lasts for six hours so to drain it, you'd need to do a lot of talking!

So stop half-dreading and half-expecting that phone call. Plug in the Jabra Dual Pair Bluetooth Headset and make the call yourself!

Product Features

  • Design comes from the house of Jacob Jensen.
  • One of the most elegant, discreet and stylish Bluetooth Headset.
  • Small size and distinctive minimalist design.
  • Smallest Headset in the industry.
  • Jabra WAVE Bluetooth headset weighs less than 10 grams.
Product Details
Manufacturer Jabra
Model Number 100-93050001-30
Colour Name Red
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty Manufacturer Warranty
Technical Specification
Connectivity Technology bluetooth
Wireless Type Bluetooth
Image Stabilization yes
Power Source Battery Powered
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 9 grams

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Overall Rating 3.6 out of 5 stars
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