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Jaipan JP_PBL 200-Watt Portable Blender (White)
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Jaipan JP_PBL 200-Watt Portable Blender (White)

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Brand Jaipan
Model Number JP_PBL
Colour White
Material Plastic
Size Standard
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Overview: Jaipan JP_PBL 200-Watt Portable Blender (White)

A smart kitchen can never be imagined without smart and useful kitchen accessories. When it comes to blending vegetables and fruits with a minimum fuss, there is nothing like a Jaipan JP _PBL 200-Watt Portable Blender. It is a perfect solution for blending and chopping your food within few seconds. A hand blender is a great appliance to have in your kitchen, when the need to puree or blending crops up.

Hand Blender Features

This portable blender has a sleek white body that houses the motor and has a stainless steel leg with 4 detachable attachments. You can purchase it with attachment or without attachment. It has 2-3 HP motor with rotational speed of 12,000 rotations per minute. It comes with 2 speed control for all your blending tasks and ABS body. On / Off switch must be pressed while using appliance. This light weight blender gives a good grip to your hands. It takes no counter space as it comes with a wall bracket and helps you to save time and effort while cooking and cleaning up. Jaipan portable blender makes your kitchen experience completely wonderful. With this little wonder blender the blending of vegetables and fruits become complete fun and within a second's job. It is easy to operate, easy to clean and store and very portable. If you are a fan of pureed soups and smoothies or like eating chutney and even the occasional slushy cocktail than you should invest in the Jaipan JP_PBL 200 Watt Portable Blender. Not only it purees better than everything else, it is able to do tasks that none of the others are even capable of doing like crushing ice and making peanut butter.

Good Blending Option

This blender is also an awesome tool for doing smaller jobs, such as blending gravies and pan sauces directly in the cooking vessels because its blade attachment is able to withstand high temperatures. This means that when blending food such as curries or sauce, you can use the blender right in the pan pureeing your ingredients until they are as smooth as you want. This blender is a great alternative to a potato masher for smooth and lump free potato paste. It can be used to quickly make chutneys such as coriander and mint chutney by adding herbs and spices together and pureeing until smooth. This smart blender is a great need for your kitchen as it saves lot of time while cooking. If you want to prepare fruit shake in a hurry just dump ingredients such as fruits yogurt and milk into your jug and blend. To save time, this can be done directly in your mug or glass. If you start every morning with strawberry smoothies or any other fruit which you like, shakes and cold coffee, you will need to have this amazing hand blender. You can blend fruit and yogurt into a breakfast drink. Jaipan portable blender offers a unique concept that delivers powerful, efficient and comfortable blending at the touch of a button.

A Great Blender For Kitchen

It's better for soups, mashed potatoes, chicken, emulsion and any kind of task where it's better to take the food to the blender, than the food to the blender. If one takes a look into the kitchen, one can see the changes in the ways of cooking. Blender is a modern kitchen accessory without which it becomes hard for a homemaker to perform the cooking tasks. This sleek and 200watt motor offers superior performance while blending. Its stainless steel blades make it strength, durable and long last value. Its cord is long enough to get the job done, but not too long to make wrapping up the cord hassle. You will find the blending easier than ever with this blender. Order it today to easy blending process for cold drinks, hot soups, batter for cake as it is easy to use, comfortable to hold and the handy stick design lets you blend in a pot or bowl.

Features: Jaipan JP_PBL 200-Watt Portable Blender (White)

  • Anti-splash blade guard
  • XL chopper accessory for chopping large quantities with serrated blades for ice crushing
  • 2 speed control and ABS body
  • Dynamically balanced heavy duty motor
  • Sleek looks and computer designed stainless steel blades
  • Available with attachment/without attachment
  • 2-3HP motor power and rotational speed of 12,000 rotation per minute
  • Plastic container material with removable juice container
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 200 watts; Operating voltage: 120-220 volts
Product Details
Manufacturer Jaipan
Brand Jaipan
Model Number JP_PBL
Colour White
Material Plastic
Wattage 200 Watts
Size Standard
Warranty 1 year on product
Technical Specification
Power Source electric
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 15 cm x 7 cm x 30 cm

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Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars
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