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Jazz JDC5 3 in 1 Digital Keychain Camera (Black)

Jazz JDC5 3 in 1 Digital Keychain Camera (Black)

Display Size 1.4 inches
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Overview: Jazz JDC5 3 in 1 Digital Keychain Camera

If you are looking for a really small and tiny camera, which could also serve the purpose of a hidden camera in times when needed, you must choose wisely. Given the fact that there is an outstanding selection of cameras these days, you may be surprised at the number of options displayed before your eyes. Given a chance, you might even want to consider trying some of these. However, that may not be possible always. So, if you want a sure-shot and unfailing purchase, the Jazz JDC5 3 in 1 Digital Keychain Camera could be a great choice. It is basically a digital key chain camera, which gives you the basic functions and is small enough o be carried in your pocket. Also, it looks like a key chain, which becomes an alibi and you can hide it. Nevertheless, that does not really make this camera any less efficient than the ones you have seen on the market. This camera has been packed with powerful features and functions to make sure you can use it well.

This digital key chain camera from Jazz comes with 352 x 288 image resolution. It functions like any digital still and video camera, which is excellent in use. It also has features of a PC camera to make it easier for you to use the same. This camera comes with a self timer and alkaline batteries with 2MB of internal memory, software and USB cable. So, once you buy Jazz JDC5 3 in 1 Digital Keychain Camera online, you have everything with you and you are all good to go. Start using this self-timer enabled camera that can capture clear images. It may not be a high-end camera, but it is definitely one of the finest of its kinds that can serve your purpose. After all, you wouldn't carry a digital camera everywhere, while you can carry this key chain camera anywhere you like.

This camera can be hidden very easily, which is why it is so cool. People prefer this camera because of the simple fact that you can hide it well and it will not show. As a matter of fact, it is as good as a key chain with a small lens that allows you to capture stills and shoot videos. Yes, you can do everything with this small device, which is so powerful that you might be wondering as to how it functions so well. The time when this camera was launched, since then it has been a good choice for the price that it is available right now. It is one of the cheapest of all cameras that you can buy online today. So, if you really want to get it, shop Jazz JDC5 3 in 1 Digital Keychain Camera online right now and get this petite device for a price that is unbelievable.

Having one such camera can be handy. Even though there are smartphones and mobile cameras already making a buzz, this camera still holds some value because of its look and design. Obviously, the features of this camera are not as powerful as you can expect from a digital camera, but there's a good reason behind it as well. This Jazz JDC5 has some specific purpose. Being a key chain digital camera, it is to be hidden and not flaunted. So, it has been packed with only those important features that matter. Handy and trendy at the same time, this camera is a must have for people who keep traveling frequently. It could also work like a spy camera whenever needed.

You can capture decent quality still images, digital video as well as recording using this camera. All you have to do is use it well. Utilize the self timer of this camera to capture the best shots with ease. Never mind what this camera looks like because it functions really well and you will have no complaints at all.

Features: Jazz JDC5 3 in 1 Digital Keychain Camera

  • 352 x 288 image resolution
  • Functions as a digital still, digital video, and PC camera
  • self-timer
  • 2 1/4" W x 1 1/2" H x 1/2" D
  • Uses one AAA alkaline battery
Product Details
Manufacturer Jazz
Brand Jazz
Model Number JDC5
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Display Size 1.4 inches
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 16.5 cm x 7.6 cm x 26.2 cm

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