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Jitter Antique Brown Cigarette Lighter - Gas Filled

Jitter Antique Brown Cigarette Lighter - Gas Filled

Brand Jitter
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Overview: Jitter Antique Brown Cigarette Lighter - Gas Filled

The discovery of fire is one of the most significant milestones in the history of mankind. The discovery of fire has drastically changed the way of life for mankind. Fire is a nothing but a chemical reaction that involves the combustion of gases around us. This chemical reaction has become so important in our life that a day does not go by without the use of it. In the beginning fire was considered uncontrollable and humans had spent all their time and energy in finding a way to contain it. However with the advancement of time and technology man had finally found a way to contain it in the form of lighters.

If you are a smoker then one of the most essential things that you have to carry on your person is a lighter. It is such a necessity that you cannot leave home without it. While some are satisfied with a basic lighter that can light up their cigarettes at their convenience, some go the extra mile and look out for lighters that are a visual treat. This Jitter Antique Brown Gas Filled Cigarette Lighter is one that will not only do the needful for you, but will also evoke envy among your smoker friends.

Jitter Antique is a reputed brand when it comes to lighters and other cigarette related items. Most of the products that the Jitter Antique releases are very innovative and are usually different from the other lighters that you get from other brands. They use the best of materials in making these lighters which also results in their long life span. Unlike other lighters, the interiors are also well-designed and the gas chamber is well-sealed. So why wait? Shop online and get one for yourself today!


The Jitter Antique Brown Gas Filled Cigarette Lighter has a body that has a dragon on it. This gives it a very oriental and rugged look. The brass used for the body is unique and very durable. The dragon inlay is done with great skill and the outcome is quite impressive and does justice to the lighter.  The dragon inlay can be found on both sides of this lighter. This makes it symmetrical and adds to its bold look. This lighter, although small, is quite heavy. However, it is nice to hold and the size is perfect for putting in your pocket. The heavy weight of this lighter also proves the fact that the brass used for the manufacturing of this lighter is genuine and of superior quality.

This lighter is windproof. This is very convenient for the times when want to light a cigarette in windy conditions or when you are riding a bike. It is often annoying when you are on a bike or it's windy around you and you try and light a cigarette. In such cases it is difficult to light normal lighters as they wind blows the flame away. This lighter has a stove styled flame which does not get blown out by the wind and thereby supplies you with the flame to burn your cigarette.

The uniqueness of this Jitter Antique Brown Gas Filled Cigarette Lighter is that it does not have the conventional flame exhaust and instead has an exhaust situated at the mouth of the inlayed dragon. This gives you the illusion that the flame is coming out of the dragon's mouth. This feature is very unique and is one which you can brag about to your friends. You can also show off in front of them.

Design Aesthetics

The Jitter Antique Brown Gas Filled Cigarette Lighter is a marvel as far as design aesthetics are concerned. On the outer casing it has a dragon engraving of sorts, a design which seems to have been inspired by the dragons depicted in oriental mythology. Dragons are a very well-known symbol of prosperity across a vast region of the eastern populace. Dragons have been for long been known as the primal representation of the element of fire. According to legend, dragons are supposed to use their womb of fire to unleash it at a time of need.


This lighter works on the theory that some gases are combustible. Outside the dragon inlayed body is a gas chamber where the lighter gas is preserved. As mentioned earlier, this lighter uses state of the art technology that preserves the gas with utmost care. A passage is connected from the gas chamber to the external opening. There is a switch at the back of the lighter which triggers a spark and at the same time releases the gas from the gas chamber. Once the gas is released and comes in contact with the spark, it ignites instantly providing you with a windproof flame that you can use for lighting your cigarette. The flame is then generated out of the dragon's mouth which looks as if though the dragon itself is breathing fire for you.

There is a regulator at the back of the lighter which controls the amount of gas which is being released. This in turn controls the strength of the flame ranging from a higher level flame to a lower level flame. The regulator is a convenient feature. Keeping the regulator on high provides you with a huge flame which may result in the gas depleting faster. Keeping the regulator on medium or a low flame helps you to save the gas. Underneath is a small hole which has been designed to fill gas. You can fill the gas manually or simply take it to the gas fillers and they will fill it up for you.


What makes this Jitter Antique Brown Gas Filled Cigarette Lighter convenient is its size. Often you come across lighters that are either too small or too big. However, this Jitter Antique Brown Gas Filled Cigarette Lighter is a perfect size as it fits in the palm of your hand. The detailing on the dragon's body also serves as a grip mechanism for you. This makes it very easy to ignite it and light your cigarette. The windproof feature also makes it convenient for you to ignite the lighter in conditions where it is windy. Lightweight lighters are easier to lose and misplace because of their negligible weight. This Jitter Antique Brown Gas Filled Cigarette Lighter adds a perfect amount of weight on your hands and pockets to let you know that it is there and you can keep a track of it easily.

Many a times you may come across lighters that heat up very fast when the lighter is ignited. This results in discomfort and may burn your hand too. However, this Jitter Antique Brown Gas Filled Cigarette Lighter is specially designed to contain the heat and as such the lighter remains at room temperature, even if the mouth of the dragon may be hot.

Even if you are a non-smoker, you will still admire this piece of art due to the highly skilled work that has been implemented to bring this dragon to life. If you are a non-smoker then you can use this Jitter Antique Brown Gas Filled Cigarette Lighter as a collectible or some showpiece to have around your house. You can even use it as a keychain and show off in front of your friends.

This Jitter Antique Brown Gas Filled Cigarette Lighter is made from a superior quality brass which makes it very durable. The build is very sturdy and it can withstand a huge amount of force and impact. We tend to be clumsy and we often drop things or they just slip out of our hands. With this product you will not have to worry about damage or breakage. The nuts and bolts that hold the pieces together are properly tightened and designed to give you a long-lasting performance. The surface of the lighter is also designed in a way that it can resist scratches. This Jitter Antique Brown Gas Filled Cigarette Lighter is made of brass of a superior quality.

Care and Maintenance

This Jitter Antique Brown Gas Filled Cigarette Lighter is built with great skills and the best of materials but it requires maintenance too. There is no doubt that this lighter is built to last but if some steps and precautions are taken, you will not get the best use out of it.

First and foremost it is essential to keep your lighter clean on a regular basis. Brass has a lustrous look and by cleaning and polishing it every week, the lustre of the lighter will be preserved and it will look new for a long period of time. You can clean regularly with a dry cloth.

It is important not to store this Jitter Antique Brown Gas Filled Cigarette Lighter in a very cold or very hot place. When kept at low temperatures the gas which is inside drains out. Very high temperatures are equally not good for it as well. It is also important to keep this Jitter Antique Brown Gas Filled Cigarette Lighter away from moisture too. Moisture may lead to rust and that is one thing that you must avoid.

It is also important that you get only the genuine branded gas while refilling this lighter. While refilling it is important, ensure that you empty out the remaining gases first. After this you must tilt the Jitter Antique Brown Gas Filled Cigarette Lighter upside down and then slowly fill the gas. However, after filling, you must give it some time for the gas to change into liquid form and to adjust to the room temperature. Fire can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly. It is therefore important that you restrict the use of this lighter to safe and secure location only. It is also important to keep this lighter away from children.

Now that you have read all that is to know about this lighter, what are you still waiting for? Buy Jitter Antique Brown Gas Filled Cigarette Lighter today with just the click of a mouse button and have this one of a kind lighter delivered to your doorstep soon.

Key Features

Unique dragon inlay that makes this lighter stand out among the rest

Flame regulator to adjust the intensity of the flame

Unique flame exhaust at the mouth of the dragon depicts the illusion that the dragon is breathing fire

Made from superior quality bronze that makes it very durable

Additional keyhole can be used to hook your keys

Can be used as a keychain

Product Details
Brand Jitter

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