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John Carry Brown Striped Men Formal Shirt JCS 16

John Carry Brown Striped Men Formal Shirt JCS 16

Brand John Carry
Colour Brown
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Overview: John Carry Brown Striped Men Formal Shirt JCS 16

Shopping for a man's shirt can at times be an exceedingly trying task. This is because although there are plenty of choices and fabrics; and the shirt is the centre-piece that competes the work outfit he dons every day. Most men believe that details matter and the shirt you wear is a big part of the non-verbal communication around you. This is true because the outfit you sport to work dictates your personality. You want to seem polite, but also powerful and distinguished, in a way that just commands respect.

This is the reason why you need a formal shirt which can effectively enhance your personality. You know you've found a winner, when you come across this extraordinary design by John Carry. It is a design that allows the shirt-maker's expertise to completely dazzle everyone with its clean cuts and sophisticated look.

Snug Fit

John Carry is a brand that designs men's formal shirts, offering you an exceptional fit as well as flawless style. One of the best features of wearing this shirt is that you can afford to stay relaxed and yet not feel like the shirt is crumpled, simply because of the crispness of the cloth used in the making of this shirt. The fabric ensures that you can relax and hence keeps you comfortable at all times.

Quality of Fabric

Different people have varied preferences when it comes to the kind of shirt they would like. While some like the non-iron variety that is as smooth-as-crisp-bed sheet; others love the soft feel of cotton. This striped formal shirt brings you the best of lightweight shirting fabric combined with the effortless style of a sound design, making an excellent choice for work wear. You should certainly grab the chance to own this, for it will make an exceptional addition to your wardrobe. The alternative to this crisp and smart shirt can be designs made of heavy materials, which make them difficult to wear over long hours. There is nothing that makes you feel quite as good as when you strut to work in a John Carry shirt.

Accessories to Go With It

This particular striped formal shirt is brown in colour, thus ensuring that you can wear it well with almost all trousers. You can sport it on a pair of black formal trousers for work and a pair of blue or black jeans for informal wear. You can even sport a sleekly styled hair like that of a stock-broker as you head off to a formal occasion with this ensemble; or gel it into short spikes for a completely different look that is cool and casual.

Wash Instructions

It is best to be gentle when you wash this fabric as it is quite a fine material. Use a gentle machine wash and let it drip dry away from direct sunlight before you wear it.

Product Details
Brand John Carry
Colour Brown

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