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Johnson's Baby Powder (700g)
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Johnson's Baby Powder (700g)

Lowest online price: 300
Brand Johnson's
Colour White
Maximum Age 4 years
Size 700g
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Overview: Johnson's Baby Powder

Pamper your little one and keep him or her fresh with the mild baby powder from the house of Johnson's. For infants, it is not recommended that you use any product but Johnson's is such a brand on which you can trust with your eyes closed.

The look

The baby powder comes in a 700gm money saver pack. The container is cylindrical in shape and white in colour. The look of the container has been enhanced with animated figures of deer on its body along with tiny poems printed randomly. It is secured with a solid turnable lid with a perforated top that makes sprinkling easier. The powder inside is pure white in colour with a mild fragrance. The major ingredients it contains are sterilized talc, fragrance and Sodium Sesquicarbonate all of which are safe for the little one.

Key highlights

The soft formula smoothly glides over your baby's skin and eliminates friction.

It is clinically proven to be safe for your baby by dermatologists.

The baby powder has a classic scent.

It is mild on your baby's delicate skin.

Why should you go for the Johnson's Baby Powder?

When it comes to your baby, nothing can substitute Johnson's products. The Johnson's 700g Baby Powder has an amazingly soft baby powder formula that easily glides over your baby's skin and eliminates friction. Its classic scent leaves your baby happy. The powder gently absorbs excess moisture and makes the skin silky soft.  It keeps your baby dry and prevents any kind of skin irritation. The ingredients are clinically tested and approved as extremely safe for even new born babies. The mild fragrance enlightens your baby's mood. As this a vital necessity for day to day use of your baby, the money saver pack is therefore an ideal purchase. Though the maximum age recommended is up to 4 years, you can continue using it for elder kids too. So shop this 700gm Money Saver Pack of Johnson's Baby Powder from the online store today and stay equipped for about 3 months.

When to use

Preferably baby powder should be used everytime you change the diaper and also after bath. During summers, use it anytime you want to give your baby's skin a soft and fresh feel. Whenever you are going out, apply sufficient quantity to keep him or her fresh and comfortable for long hours.  Also carry it along whenever you are traveling with your baby. Since it is a money saver pack, pour some in a smaller container for your convenience.

How to use

Shake the baby powder directly into your hand, away from your body and then smoothen onto your baby's skin gently. Use a little amount of powder on the armpits, leg folds, neck creases and other areas. Never shake it directly on your baby or nearby. After use, close the lid tightly. Store the powder container out of your baby's reach and store in a cool, dry place.

Safety tips

While using the baby powder, there are certain safety tips that you must keep in mind. Never sprinkle the powder near your baby to avoid inhalation. If inhaled, it can cause breathing problems. Also avoid direct contact with eyes. Remember, it is only for external use. It is not recommended for babies with respiratory trouble. To prevent any kind of skin irritation, don't allow the powder to build up. While changing the diaper, clean the accumulated powder especially in the folds of your baby's skin. If the seal is broken, don't use the product.

Other uses of baby powder

The Johnson's 700g Baby Powder has a number of other interesting uses like;

Removes tough grease stains.

Helps in smoothening the surface of carom board.

It can also be used for untangling sleek chains.

When poured inside the shoes keeps them fresh.

Removes moulds from old books.

Prevents the surface of raincoats and gloves from sticking.

It can also repel ants.

About the brand

The brand Johnson & Johnson is one of the oldest and most trusted brand manufacturing baby cosmetics. Their high quality products have to touch the lives of over a billion people worldwide. In the year 2010, the company ranked 2nd in the list of World's Most Respected Companies.

So buy this Mild Baby Powder online and keep your baby happy and comfortable.

Features: Johnson's Baby Powder

  • Helps reduces skin irritation to sooth your baby's skin
  • 100% Clinically proven mild and gentle
  • Dermatologist tested, allergy tested
  • Every Johnson's product passes a 5 level safety assurance process
Product Details
Manufacturer Johnson and Johnson India Private Ltd.
Brand Johnson's
Model Number 19401883
Colour White
Maximum Age 4 years
Target Audience Unisex-baby
Size 700g
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm

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Overall Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars
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  1.  our Baby love it 7 May, 2013 On
    We bought it first time for our baby and the fragrance is awesome:). the powder is so soft and so good to apply for baby. It does not irritate baby though it fall on baby's eyes . It absorbs the sweat and gives comfort zone to my baby. Love u johnsons powder :)
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