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Jumper Maroon Fleece Tracksuits PL GTRS 04

Jumper Maroon Fleece Tracksuits PL GTRS 04

Brand Jumper
Colour Red
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Overview: Jumper Maroon Fleece Tracksuits PL GTRS 04

Nowadays, a tracksuit is in much demand because of its excellent features. Usually, this kind of outfit comprises two parts. One is a zipper jacket and the other is a pair of trousers. This kind of garment is specially designed for use in sports. If you notice carefully you will find that athletes wear tracksuits during any competition. However, over the passage of time things have undergone several changes and this tracksuit is not only used in sports but in some other contexts also. So, if you are in search of tracksuits that combine style and functionality, then you are on the right track. You can try out this Jumper Maroon Fleece Tracksuits. It is pretty stylish and also comfortable to wear.


This tracksuit is crafted by using premium quality fleece fabric by implementing advanced methods to ensure quality and reliability. This fleece fabric is manufactured from polyester and at the same time it is a part of the stretch knit family of fabrics. This fabric is specially treated to make it tough and durable so that it can be used to design clothes and blankets. The twisted yarns are knitted into material and then they are treated meticulously to make them suitable to be used on clothes. The best thing about this product is that provides warmth without weight. This fleece tracksuit is soft to touch so you can easily wear it during any sports event. Another interesting fact about this fabric is that it does not shrink, so you can enjoy wearing fleece tracksuit for long periods of time. This fleece fabric features moisture wicking properties, which is an ideal requirement for working out or sports garments. So, this tracksuit pulls the moisture away from your skin, keeping your comfortable and dry.

Design & style:

This stylish garment comes in a shade of maroon that is versatile enough to suit almost every skin tone. It has front slit placket with zip closure that makes it easy and comfortable to wear and remove. There is a baby pink accent on the shoulder area that lends the wearer a cool look. The baby pink panel at the bottom of the jacket enhances the overall look of the garment. This jacket comes with a regular collar, which lends the wearer a smart and cool look. There is an inspiring quote embossed below the baby pink panel on the shoulder area. The cuffs and the bottom of the jacket are nicely ribbed to flaunt a stylish look. This jacket features full sleeves, which not only lends the wearer a sober look but also protects the hands from tan or cool breeze. The pair of trousers that comes with this jacket is also maroon in shade. The trousers have slanting pockets around the waistline. The trousers also have slanting pockets.

How to dress up?

This Maroon Fleece Tracksuit can be easily teamed with sports shoes to flaunt a sporty look. When you are participating in any sports event, it is essential that you tie your hair in such a manner that you can run comfortably. So, you can pony tail or tie a bun to complete your look.

When to wear this garment?

This Maroon Tracksuit is not only meant for sports. You can also easily wear this garment during working out. It is very important to wear loose and comfortable clothes while working out. It is so because you cannot run, jump or work out by wearing jeans or trousers. Tracksuits ensure smooth and comfortable movement of the body parts. You will not find any difficulty in taking part in high jump or carry some difficult steps during exercise, as long as you are wearing tracksuits. At the time of morning walk or jogging out, you can wear this tracksuit.

So, if you want to enjoy your sports time then you should buy Jumper Maroon Fleece Tracksuits online. As long as maintenance of this garment is concerned, it is not a big deal. You can wash this garment at home by using mild detergent. It should be dried in the shade to maintain its attractive colour. This tracksuit is specially designed for girls who are sporty or are health conscious, going for jogs very often.

Features at a glance:

Maroon colour

Made of fleece material

Ensures comfort

Stylish to look at

Easy to maintain

Product Details
Brand Jumper
Colour Red
Colour Name Maroon

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