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Format Video CD
Actor(s) Sunny Deol, shilpa Shetty, ashutosh Rana, hemant Birje, suniel Shetty
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Product Description

KARZ - THE BURDEN OF TRUTH is great family drama about detachments and get together of family. Harry Baweja directed this movie. The story begins with Suraj (Played by Sunny Deol) who is abandoned as a child by his family who moves to other city with their other younger son called as Raja (played by Sunil Shetty). As the little suraj is struggling to get his life back on track while getting over such dejection given by his own family, an affluent hotelier of the city adopts him.

Suraj grows and becomes a police officer. But he still can�t get over the fact that his own family abandoned him and left him all alone and the sorrow of this pain makes him seek solace in alcohol. He continues to live such a life till he is introduced to a wonderful woman Sapna (played by Shilpa Shetty). who bring new hope in his life. He is madly in love with her but never mugs up the courage to go out there and confess his love for her. Soon enters Raja who is madly in love with Sapna too and desires to marry her. As Suraj learns that Raja is actually his own brother, he decides to step back and make a sacrifice for Raja. He finds out that his mother is alive too.

When Savitridevi comes down to meet her son Raja�s love Sapna, she meets Suraj and is stunned to discover that her son is still alive. She attains a mental attack when she realizes her beloved son whom she thought was dead was indeed still alive. Once she regains her conscious she narrates how her husband had lied to her that her older son Suraj was dead and she explains that he did so because Suraj was not his son. He is in fact an illegitimate child born when a rich and powerful man called as Yograj Thakur raped and impregnated her. On learning this, Suraj decides to take revenge on Yograj for his mother. Will he succeed? Will he get his family back? Is time going to test him further? Will he have to make more sacrifices? To know what happens, bring home this VCD and watch this gripping family drama unfold.

Product Details
Theatrical Release Date January 1, 2002
Format Video CD
Genre Action - romantic, action
Actor(s) Sunny Deol, shilpa Shetty, ashutosh Rana, hemant Birje, suniel Shetty
Producer(s) Kaushal Godha
No of Discs 2

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