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Product Description

The movie starts with Meera who lives and struggles in the city of Mumbai as she works a dancer in a club. Like every artists who comes to Mumbai with their dreams to make it big, Meera aspires to become a movie star. In her struggle to reach out to people and show her talent, time and again she is asked to compromise and eventually faces casting couch as she used by many producers who make fake promises.

Deeply affected with such unfortunate events and constant struggle without any luck, she decides to end her life and commit suicide. But with surprising turn of events she meets Shyam who is taxi driver with a charming personality and great persona. He soon woos her and they both get married. Slowly, Meera�s career begins to pick up as well, cause she becomes an item girl in some movies and eventually offered a role of a lead actress. On the night of the grand premiere of her first film, Shyam meets with a disastrous road accident. The doctors soon declare him to be brain dead. Really upset with such horrible turn of events, Meera decides to donate Shyam�s organs for the people who need it. She also desires to have Shyam�s child through artificial insemination. But things are not going to so easy given the law in Indian and most importantly now that she is famous actress the media surely creates a bug deal out of it.

To know what happens in Meera�s life, get this DVD home and watch this amazing movie. The movie has great casting as Swetha Menon plays the role of Meera while Biju Menon plays the role Shyam and Blessy directed the movie. Warning: This movie has been given a PG-13 certificate and can be viewed only after parental guidance.

Product Details
Format DVD
Genre Drama
Censor Rating U/A (Parental Guidance)
No of Discs 1
Studio Harmony Videos

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