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Kamachi Yoga Mat Made in Taiwan

Kamachi Yoga Mat Made in Taiwan

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Overview: Kamachi Yoga Mat Made In Taiwan

The best way to stay fit and attain inner peace is to practice yoga. Now you can find harmony easily with yoga and the best way to practice yoga is on a high-quality yoga mat. Therefore, if you wish to do your yoga on a non-slip, sturdy, yet durable and lightweight yoga mat, look no further as now you can own the Kamachi Yoga Mat Made in Taiwan very easily. Brought to you by popular brand Kamachi, This comfortable mat is soft yet thick for comfortable yoga sessions. This yoga mat ensures to provide firm foundation for balancing and standing postures. The specially designed non-slip surface provides the right amount of traction, while the surface of the mat provides you with extra grip which makes it perfect for meditating as well as stretching. The inclusion of extra cushioning provides maximum comfort to your ankles, kneed and other areas. Take a look at the products features before you make the purchase.

Style and Design

The Kamachi Yaga Mat is specially fabricated and expertly designed to give you optimum utility. It comes in a standard size of 24" x 68", and would thereby suffice all kinds of body types. Yoga requires one to hold their positions firmly and this rubber mat from Kamachi provides ample stability during your yoga or workout sessions. With cotton mats, you would always be on the risk of the mat sliding on wooden or tiled surface flooring. Given the intense level of workout during yoga, a slip or fall could be potentially damaging. But with these carefully crafted Kamachi Yoga Mats, the risk of injuries is vastly reduced. The bottom of the mat is lined with a special quality slip-resistant rubber that prevents it from sliding against various hard surfaces. The mat has a uniform thickness of 4mm which is the standard dimension. And while there are other mats with lesser thickness, this dimension is often preferred by yoga instructors for its optimal balance between hard and soft. The bottom surface grips the floor and avoids slippage, while the top surface offers you suitable cushioning. Yoga sessions usually last for quite some time, and this mat prevents your body from coming in direct contact with the cold floor surface, thereby minimising the chance of discomfort.

The Kamachi Yoga Mat Made in Taiwan comes in a vibrant shade of red. You can also purchase these mats in different pastel hues like blue, yellow and purple. They are usually stored in a rolled-up state and once you're starting your yoga session, you can simply unroll it. These mats are extremely lightweight and handy and you wouldn't have to make an effort to find a space for storage. When rolled up, it takes up minimal storage space, so you could simply keep it in your wardrobe, behind doors or under your bed. If you're carrying it to a gym or a yoga centre, they are handy enough to put in a bag and hardly add any extra weight.


This yoga mat is designed for durability. You can practice hours and hours of intensive yoga on this mat, without the fear of wear and tear. It is manufactured to "wear-in" and so the more you use it, the better it gets at slip resistance. It doesn't collect dirt and grime, so you can simply dust off the bottom from time to time. Intense workouts create a lot of sweat and you need to clean the mat from time to time to avoid body odour from settling. If you're using a machine, use a cool wash cycle with mild detergent. Using the spin cycle should be strictly avoided. Don't use the machine dryer and instead, lay it out to cool in the air. You must give it ample time to cool in the air till it is completely dry. Use a clean dry towel to roll up the mat and squeeze out excess water if any. Only then must you fold it. Alternately, if you're manually washing it, use a damp cloth to thoroughly clean the entirety of the mat's surface. You can use mild soap water, but avoid using bleach as it would affect the colour and fabric of the mat. This products is now available on the internet. Therefore, you can buy Kamachi Yoga Mat Made in Taiwan online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Key features

Vibrant shade of red

Comfortable design

Easy to clean and maintain

Space saving design

Features: Kamachi Yoga Mat Made In Taiwan

  • Size: 24" x 68"
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Slip resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to wash

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